I wanted to give the best shot to my applications as this was the final year of my applying so I went with Poonam who has already delivered exceptional results in the past with applicants. This was the 3rd year I was applying to B-schools and Poonam understood the importance of this year’s application for my career.

In the strategy session about school selection, Poonam carried out a detailed discussion on the selection of schools, and I was happy with the outcome. In the counseling session, I was provided detailed instruction on essays, resume, and LoRs. Poonam conducted a comprehensive review of my resume, and I was happy with the final product. Overall, it was much sharper. The selection of stories, content, structure, and organization of my stories and positioning was spot on. She did her best to highlight my strengths.

Poonam provided top-notch editing services (Sentence structure, grammar, punctuation), and trimmed my essays to the allowed word limit. Throughout the process, she answered all my queries in a timely manner and scheduled phone calls as and when I requested. The turnaround time was good and was in fact better than what was agreed between us. On some of the occasions, when things got delayed at my end, Poonam went above and beyond to ensure that the submission on deadlines was not affected.

Poonam’s guidance on LOR was nice, too. She highlighted how LOR and stories should complement each other. I was able to share the feedback I received from Poonam with my recommender which resulted in a cohesive story. I was happy with the interview prep. I received comprehensive feedback after the mock interview session -both verbal and written. I was made aware of certain things I was doing unconsciously such as plenty of hand movements which I worked upon post my feedback from Poonam.

I had an excellent experience working with Poonam. More importantly, the softer aspect such as motivation and encouragement provided at a crucial juncture of the application process helped me a lot. I have received an admission offer from McCombs with a scholarship, interviewed with Duke Fuqua, and have been waitlisted by Stern and Haas.

Thanks a lot, Poonam, for your support. I am immensely grateful for the help provided during the application process. Definitely, I would recommend the MER services to prospective applicants.

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