I would like to share my experience of working with Poonam Tandon (My Essay Review) as a part of my admission process. After I gave my GMAT, I opted for the 1-hour free consultation with Poonam. I was surprised to see how much knowledge I gained during my interaction with her during that one hour. She was very thorough in explaining the admission process, my chances of getting into various schools after evaluating my profile, and in-depth discussion on the essays, LOR, and resume.

I decided to choose the Essay Review for 2 essays for Oxford Said. The payment was pretty simple, and I did it through the website. She informed me promptly that she received the payment. She had already mentioned to me during the 1-hour consultation that she needs a draft version of my essays before she can start working on them. After I gave her a few options on the essay topics, she helped me to finalize a couple. So, I wrote two versions for each essay, and she was kind enough to review them and gave me feedback on which version works better. In her first review, she had indicated which portions of the essays need modifications. I made the changes accordingly, and we were done after her second review. The whole process took less than 2 weeks. She had been extremely professional, l, and every time I submitted a response, I heard back from her in less than 3 days. She never wrote my essays, but she empowered me to write better. I strongly recommend her.

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Arjun Bardan,