I signed up for my essay review services because I was impressed with the reviews given in GMAT club and also the service is affordable. And the testimonials in the blog made me choose MER. Her suggestions about sentence structure resulted in more clarity which is the first and most critical aspect Ad Com would look for while evaluating the essays. I never took tension about word-limit because Poonam asked me to come up with story/content without worrying about word-limit. It was she who took care about trimming the essays without compromising on the story. Her modifications and suggestions about sentence structure had totally changed the look and style of my essays. She made them look professional. Initially, grammar correction was one of the primary reasons for taking hers services. And I was completely happy with the grammar of essays after review.

Poonam was very particular about turn-around time for essay edits. I used to get edited drafts in less than 24 hours for all of my essays. Because of her strict timelines, I was able to submit my application before the deadline. Poonam made me feel as if I was interacting with a friend, rather than a consultant, throughout the process. Thanks Poonam Jee for your guidance and support.

Aparna ,