I wish to improve the quality of my graduate admission essays and increase my competence in graduate school applications. MER services provided a comprehensive package for me to achieve my goals.

The 1-hour skype session was extremely helpful, and Poonam was very professional and dedicated to her job. We went through every single detail in the resume and admission essays. It was efficient and useful to get verbal feedback. The discussion ended up being a 1 hour and 30 min skype session because of the large amount of content. I gained a lot from the session. Poonam sent me several resume templates before the first review, and they were very helpful. This gave me a better idea of the format, font, content to include in a formal resume.

For essays, Poonam gave me a lot of advice on how to effectively use stories to amplify my skills and experiences. The suggestions on the use of words and descriptions are very professional. My profile was much completer and more qualified after multiple edits. I enjoyed the tracking of changes on the content. It made a big difference when you are able to view the pre and post edits. Poonam was very good at guiding me to adjust my stories and the structures of the content to make the entire essay flow better. Poonam guided me to separate long paragraphs into multiple paragraphs, which helped the structure of the entire content to be clearer. The grammar was corrected or improved after the edits. Poonam was very responsible and was able to revert within 48 hours and the responses were on point and detailed.

Poonam, I highly appreciate your help on my resume and admission essays. It was a great pleasure working with you, and I have certainly learned a lot. I have received an offer from the University of Chicago with a 70% scholarship and I decided to take it. Apart from that, I have also received interviews from the University of Columbia and UCLA, but the final results are not out yet.

I would like to say thank you for all the help and time you have contributed in the application process! I am impressed by your commitment and professionalism. I will recommend you to other friends or any other graduate school applicants for the high- quality service.

Amber Ma,