I knew that I needed someone with experience and skill to guide me through the SOP as it has been emphasized numerous times that exam scores wouldn't matter much if I couldn't convince the admissions team that I was worth giving a chance to. I was shifting from the Engineering stream to Economics and Finance and I needed an iron clad story. And myEssayReview comes with excellent commendations about the same.

Poonam scheduled a free consultation meeting that helped clarify the major doubts I had about the sop and CV and I was able to discuss my unique case and the aspects of my education that could be highlighted in the essay to make it convincing. After the meeting, I felt confident about signing up. The one hour session after the first review of SOP was insightful. I know that I would not have included a number of key points in my SOP if I wasn't encouraged to do so. Poonam helped me strategically highlight certain aspects of my personality to make me sound intellectual and focused on my career. I wanted to highlight my interest in teaching and pursuing an academic career as the main reasons of my eligibility to the program. Poonam helped me frame them accordingly. After four iterations, my SOP sounded crisp and succinct and did not have the redundancy it would have had if I was left to my own devices. The PhD in English shows.

My biggest worry with the recommendation letters was that the admissions team would know that I was involved in the writing process. Poonam’s idea of delegation proved to be rather clever and the ultimate solution to my problem. This way, they echoed my SOP but sounded different. I did have more doubts than the average candidate, but Poonam helped me work around them. Her replies were very prompt; I received her edits and response to my email 24 hours on the dot. As punctual as her website says.

Applying to grad schools can be a terrifying experience. I am very glad to have had an expert help me with the SOP, CV and LORs. That gave me enough confidence to wade through the rest of the process with significantly less worry. I was accepted by all the schools I applied to, and I am thrilled to begin my graduate studies at the University of Warwick this Fall. Thank you, Poonam. You've been amazing. You managed to assemble my whirling dervish of ideas into an essay that sounded compelling.