As a candidate from an over represented pool (Indian, software engineer, male, low GPA, almost nil community service experience - you name it!) of MBA aspirants, I knew that my chances were pretty slim. The competition is intense and, considering a demanding job with 14 straight working hours for six days a week and very less time in hand (I started considering applying to B-schools late November), I soon realized that I would need someone who could guide me in the essays. I got to know about Poonam's service through e-GMAT and decided to give it a shot. First I purchased a three-essay package, and was so impressed with her service that further purchased a three-school package.

And I think that that was the best decision I took during my application process!

Poonam was everything I could ask for - genuinely interested in helping me get into the school of my dreams yet demanding in her guidance and feedback. She helped me through every step of the process - pushing me to stay on schedule, rigorously reviewing all of my written materials, and pepping me up whenever I used to get overwhelmed. She showed me how a minute update/ placement/ replacement of word could change the entire message in the essay (yes, in one essay just moving one 'though' from one part to another part added an extra 'zing' to that essay). She helped me to find my own words and craft a message that I truly felt was my own.

Moreover, Poonam was there every step of the way. For two essays I was running behind the schedule due to heavy workload at office and discovered that I was just few hours from the deadlines. I was amazed to find that she spent whole day working with me. I would like to quote her "I will work with you until you are all set to submit your application with a smile on your face." This was extremely appreciated, especially since she sacrificed much of her time over the holidays. I received interview call from each university, except one reject (Harvard. and I solely believe that it is because I could not get the essays reviewed by her due to time constraint), I applied to: UCLA, DARDEN, BOOTH, TUCK. I am accepted by Darden on 50% scholarship and waitlisted by UCLA. I cannot ask for anything more! And I owe everything to her!!

Thank you Poonam. Without your help, I cannot imagine how I would have handled my job and stressful applications all at once. Anyone who is serious about applying to graduate business school should consider using Poonam's service. Trust me: you'll thank yourself for your decision.

Abhishek Samanta,