Posted on July 11, 2023

MER Students’ Application Results for 2022-23 Admission Cycle

The application season for 2023-24 is upon us. As we brace up for the brand-new application cycle, we also reflect on the application cycle that is behind us. All the admission results of MER students are out, and we have compiled them in the list below. We worked with 20 students for full-time MBA, part-time MBA, MS, and EMBA programs around the world. Out of 20 students from diverse industries and varied profiles, 17 were accepted into one or more MBA programs, and two received a rejection. The selected students earned scholarships worth $250K.

Here is the breakdown of results with details about GMAT/GRE/EA, industry, work experience, schools they applied to, and application results (interview offer, admission, scholarship, waitlist, rejection). To protect the privacy of students, we have not revealed their names.


S. No Schools Applied to Program Work Exp Industry GMAT/GRE/EA


Application Result



CBS, Yale, and Tepper FT MBA 4 Investment Banking 770 (47/49) Interviewed by Columbia. Accepted by Tepper



INSEAD FT MBA 3 Audio Accessories (e-commerce) 660 Rejected



LBS Masters in Leadership & Strategy 16 IT Accepted



Stanford, Haas, CBS, USC, UCLA, UC Davis, Kellogg FT MBA 2 Accounting 335 (165/170)


Interviewed by Haas, Kellogg, Columbia, accepted by UCLA (120 K scholarship); UCD (70K scholarship); Waitlisted by Booth; Joining Anderson


Tuck, UNC, CMU, UCLA, Foster, McDonough FT MBA 2 IT 720 (41/47)


Interviewed by Tuck & Foster. Accepted by ISB and McDonough; waitlisted by Tepper, going to McDonough



Ivy Business School FT MBA 2 Management (food major)  Interviewed.



Tuck FT MBA 3 Technology 323 (155/158) Interviewed



 Foster, Questrom FT MBA 5 Software 320 (155/165) Interviewed by Foster; Accepted by Questrom with 35K scholarship


Kellogg, Yale, Fuqua, Darden FT MBA 10 Government 730 (39/50) Waitlisted by Fuqua





Fuqua, Kellogg, Tepper, Simon, Marshall FT MBA 3 Marketing 750 (44/49) Waitlisted by Kellogg, Simon, and Marshall; accepted by Master’s Union School of Business, Gurgaon





Manchester PT MBA 9 HR Consulting  NA Accepted



Haas EWMBA 7 Utilities/ Energy 720 (39/49) Accepted



Booth, CBS, Cornell, Fuqua, LBS, NYU Stern, Tuck FT MBA 5 Financial Services 730 (40/50) Waitlisted by Duke



UCI, UC Davis, UCSD, UCLA, UC Riverside FT MBA 5 Food and Beverages 610 (31/42) Accepted into the University of California San Diego (UCSD), UC Irvine, UC Davis, UC Riverside, &UCLA. Going to UCLA





MIT MIT SDM 10.5 IT and Financial Services Rejected



Columbia and Penn MS 10 Non-profit Not required Accepted into Pennsylvania Nonprofit Master’s in Leadership program and Columbia's  Non-profit  Management Program



Fuqua, Tepper, Ross, FT MBA 10 Healthcare 336 (167/169) Interviewed by Ross,  Tepper & Fuqua



Warwick PT MBA 10 Finance 660 Accepted with a partial scholarship



INSEAD GEMBA 8 Medicine/ Surgery 332 (168/164) Accepted





Booth PT MBA 6 Healthcare/ Software 680 (38/46) Accepted


Total: 20

Indian Applicants: 12 (6 from India, 6 from outside India)

International Applicants: 8 (AE, Canada, China, Kuwait, Nigeria, Philippines, USA, and Zambia)

Percentage -Indian Students: 60%

Percentage- International Students: 40%

Did not Complete Application: 2

Unsuccessful Students: 2

Success Rate: 90%

Schools Interviewed: 58

School admits received from: 18

Full-time MBA Applicants: 14 (71%)

Part-time/ EMBA Applicants: 4 (19%)

MS: 2 (10%)

Scholarship: $250 K

About MER (myEssayReview)

Poonam Tandon, the founder of MER (myEssayReview), is a Ph.D. in English with 12 years of MBA consulting experience and three decades of teaching experience in India and the US. A master storyteller, Poonam has successfully guided hundreds of students from around the world to gain admission into the esteemed MBA, EMBA, and specialized Masters's programs in the US, Canada, Europe, and Asia. Throughout her four-decade-long professional career, she has reviewed 10,000+ essays written by applicants worldwide. Poonam is recognized as one of the top 5 most reviewed consultants on the GMAT Club (141 reviews).

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