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UT Austin McCombs MBA Essay Tips & Deadlines: 2022-23


McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas is a globally recognized MBA program located in the center of technology and business- Austin. Its collaborative community comprises students who bring together their diverse voices to form a cohesive group.

Application Deadlines

Round Application Deadline Decision Date
One October 11, 2022 December 15, 2022
Two January 05, 2023 March 23, 2023
Three March 28, 2023 May 04, 2023

Applications are due no later than 11:59 p.m. CST on the day of the deadline.

Application Essays

From McCombs website: "The essay is a critical means of assessing an applicant's motivation for attending the McCombs School of Business, their background and goals, and their communication and writing skills. Strong applications convey careful research on Texas McCombs and enthusiasm for the program. Please complete the required essay prompt below and upload it to your application prior to submission."

To streamline the application process, the Full-Time MBA Admissions Team has reduced the number of required essays from two to one.

This year, the school has added a video assessment to its application, allowing applicants to share their stories with the admissions committee in their own voice. This Video Assessment is to be completed within 7 days of receiving the video submission platform. There will be 7 question prompts, and applicants will have 3 minutes to answer each prompt.

Here is our analysis of McCombs's Essay Questions for 2022-23:

Essay: Picture yourself at graduation. Describe how you spent your time as a Texas McCombs MBA student to achieve your personal and professional goals. (500 words)

This essay aims to demonstrate your 'fit' with the school. So, instead of explaining how the McCombs MBA program 'will' help you achieve your goals,  look ahead and visualize yourself on your graduation day. Then, explain the activities you were involved in during your two years at the Texas MBA to prepare yourself for your post-MBA personal and professional goals.

To prepare yourself, you must do your homework to research the program well. Explain how McCombs's various resources/ offerings and activities (courses, study groups, clubs, experiential opportunities etc.) brought you closer to your post-MBA goals. Also, it would be best if you discussed how participation in various activities of student organizations and clubs at McCombs contributed to your personal growth and in what ways you made an active contribution to the McCombs community. You may also comment on your experiences of being a part of the city of Austin. Finally, wrap up your essay with your final thoughts on your overall experience at McCombs. This essay should demonstrate your knowledge of the program and enthusiasm for participating in its collaborative community.

Tips From Texas McCombs Insider: "This essay provides an opportunity to explain why you're applying to Texas McCombs. By describing what you're excited for and your plans as an MBA, we will understand your career plan, learn what you're passionate about, and discover how you want to develop yourself both in and out of the classroom.

What classes, organizations, and experiential opportunities specifically relate to your career plan? Personally, how do you envision yourself becoming an active member of our community? Connect the dots between your goals and how McCombs will get you there.

Make sure to give us specifics. If you've engaged with the program, you know there is a lot to look forward to challenging classes, concentrations, organizations, student/alumni networking, award-winning professors, unique career-oriented opportunities, a vibrant city…the list goes on. Illustrate what attributes of the program you plan to take full advantage of and how you plan to make a positive impact while you are a student. What will be your MBA legacy? Convince us that you are indispensable to our community."

Optional Statement

If applicable, applicants can provide an optional statement in the essay section of the application. Applicants should only provide an optional statement if there is something they wish to address about their candidacy that is not addressed elsewhere.

An optional essay is an opportunity for you to give relevant information to the Ad Com that you could not provide in other parts of your application, essays, and resume. For example, if you have a lower-than-average GMAT score, any grades below a 'C' on your transcript, academic probation, or a significant employment gap, this is a great place to explain/ justify that. To provide context for a weakness in your profile, make sure your reason is genuine to convince the Ad Com that your low grades or employment gap occurred due to unforeseen circumstances beyond your control. Your response should be positive, straightforward, and fact-focused and not sound like you are making excuses for a weakness in your profile. Also, if you cannot get your recommendation letter from your current supervisor, please explain that in the optional statement. Please visit the admission blog for more information on the choice of recommenders for your McCombs application.

Tips from Texas McCombs Insider: "Honestly, the most important piece of advice we can provide you on the optional statement is to remember that it is just that– optional. Only applicants who feel some piece of their profile deserves more explanation should submit an optional statement. This section of the application is not to tell us more about your extracurricular activities or expand upon your personal introduction. While we love to see how excited you are to share additional information with us, there are other ways to let the admissions committee know about additional projects or passions. The bottom of your resume or your interview are likely better forums for these details. Optional statements should focus on filling gaps or answering questions we are likely to have about you."

Video Assessment

"Texas McCombs is excited to introduce the Video Assessment as a new application component for the 2022-23 admissions cycle. Given all applicants will complete the Video Assessment, MBA candidates will have increased accessibility to the application process and the opportunity to share their story with us in their own voice. Through the Video Assessment, the Admissions Committee will have a chance to experience the "real" you beyond a resume, test scores, and transcripts.

All applicants will be required to complete the Video Assessment shortly after submitting their application and paying the fee. Applicants have 7 days to complete the assessment upon receiving access to the video submission platform. There will be 7 question prompts and applicants will have 3 minutes to answer each prompt.

Recording a video can be a bit intimidating. So try to be as natural and poised as possible. Please note that Authenticity is key to a compelling video. You have only 180 seconds to respond to one question prompt, and there are seven question prompts.

Think of your personal and professional stories that you want to communicate to the Ad Com. Practice them until you feel comfortable recording on the webcam. Then, review your practice videos and do a self-critique. Also, it will be helpful to ask a family member or a friend to check your practice videos and provide you feedback on areas of improvement.

While recording the video, speak clearly and ensure your background is tidy and free of other sounds or visual distractions. To make sure 'you' remain the focal point of the video statement, keep the background blank. Also, your face is well-lit so that the ad com can see you. Dress appropriately in a business suit or business casual as though you are going for an interview. Lastly, and most importantly, smile and speak naturally to the camera.

Click here for helpful tips to ace video essays.

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To meet the stringent word limits, you must be extremely precise in presenting your case and make every word count.

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