Posted on May 27, 2013

Guaranteed Admission to Top 30 Schools

 What is the guarantee?

The guarantee is plain and simple. If your GMAT score is above 650, and you work with me on up to 6 schools, I guarantee that you will get admitted to one of those schools. If you don’t get into one of these schools, I will refund 50% of your fee.  For $2499, this is a fantastic deal considering that other admission consultants charge upwards of $5000 for a similar guarantee.

I have helped students get in LBS, ISB, CMU, Manchester, etc. with GMAT scores as low as 620.  Others who have done better on GMAT have been admitted to Booth, Kellog, etc., or have secured fellowships from Darden, CMU, Tippie, etc.

You will have my personal attention at every step of the way. You will work ONLY with me – an AIGAC certified admission consultant. This is different from many other companies that have only a couple of certified consultants.

One more thing- I am a stickler of deadlines as well as quality- something you will see when you work with me.

How will you determine the top 30 schools?

We will determine the schools based on Business Week’s ranking.  Click here for full-time rankings. Click here for part-time rankings. Click here for EMBA rankings.

Do I need to apply to 6 schools?

Yes and no. You need to purchase the 6 school package. However, we can always stagger your applications between the first and the second round. This way you can save some money if you get into one of the first 3 schools in R-1 and choose not to apply to the remaining 3 schools in R-2.

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Step I – School Selection

In this step, we will work together to select the 6 schools that we will apply to.   We shall short list your target schools based on your expectations from the MBA, educational background, experience, goals, and, GMAT Score.

Step II - Apply to Schools (Strategically)

After selecting six target schools, we shall strategize the rounds in which you shall be applying in each school.  This shall solely depend on the time that you can devote to the application process.  The turn-around time for essays from my side shall be 24 to 48 hours, and I expect the same from you as well.  We can either work on all the schools in R-1, or we can  target 3 schools in R-2 (in case you have time constraints).

 For more details on   the essay -review process and methodology we will follow , click at the following link:

Step III 

Based on my past experience , I am confident that if we work per the agreed plan, you will get an admit from at least one school out of the six target schools.  In the highly unlikely event of not being able to get interview call from any school, I shall refund you 50% of the package cost. 

The cost for 6- school package is $2499.00. ( Includes resume review + recommendation letters' review + interview guidance )

 Please click at the following link to make your purchase: