Posted on October 26, 2023

How to Present Your Best Self in Virtual MBA Interviews

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You have meticulously prepared for the interview, honed your communication skills, and practiced common interview questions. Yet, there's another critical element that can influence the admission decision, and that is how you present yourself. Drawing from our experience conducting mock interviews with numerous students, we understand that success demands more than rehearsing responses.

Here are valuable tips to help you showcase your best self to your interviewer.

1. Dress Professionally: Please wear formal clothes for the interview- a business suit or business casual attire. Arrive looking fresh and vibrant, irrespective of whether it's an in-person or Skype interview. If possible, take time off before the interview. Be there on time. Look fresh and presentable and ready for good conversation.

2. Be Spontaneous and Natural: Don't be under stress. Present yourself as a spontaneous and natural person. Maintain a professional tone and polite demeanor, letting your facial expressions reflect your confidence and balance. Remember to smile in between and enjoy the conversation. Sleeping well the night before the interview is vital so you don't look tired. Minimize excessive hand movements and train your mind to view online interviews as manageable as in-person interviews.

3. Don't Rush your Responses: Resist the urge to respond to questions hastily. Please take a few seconds to answer the question. Listen to the question, take a few seconds to understand its nuances, and process the response to address it adequately. There are no brownie points for immediately blurting out the answer. If you don't understand the question, don't hesitate to request clarification. Since 50% of the questions will be behavioral, processing your thoughts before responding is vital.

4. Be Mindful of the Setting: Create a distraction-free environment. Choose a quiet room with a neutral background; a plain wall, curtain, or bookshelf enhances professionalism. (During one of my mock interviews, the applicant had a cat image from his son's birthday party that popped up every few minutes and was an annoying distraction). Ensure family members are aware of your interview schedule so there are no distractions around the house. Let your family or friends handle any unexpected doorbells. Pets should be attended to beforehand to prevent distractions.

5. Ensure a Stable Internet Connection: Technology plays a significant role in Skype/ Zoom interviews. Prioritize a stable internet connection, test your audio and camera, and have a backup plan in case of technical issues. If there's a chance of losing signal, give the interviewer your phone number as a backup. Please keep your phone charged. Never leave in the middle of the interview to put the phone on the charging. Invest in a quality headset and configure your camera settings right.

6. Give Pauses for Impact: When faced with a broad question like "Tell me about yourself," take a moment to ask if the interviewer would like more details. Have confidence in your stories and allow yourself a few seconds to gather your thoughts before responding. The power of a well-timed pause and concise response cannot be overstated. Try to limit your responses to 3-4 minutes.

7. Do Not Read from Notes: Avoid the temptation to glance at notes. It creates a wrong impression, breaks eye contact, and makes you look less authentic. Ultimately, it hurts your chances of getting into your dream school. Listen to the question carefully, take a few seconds to put together your thoughts to ensure you will not miss any specific part of the question.

8. Make Eye Contact: Your eyes convey confidence and sincerity. Make steady eye contact, and do not look down, sideways, or at the wall. You should look professional. Body language and facial expression also play a vital role during a professional MBA interview. Ensure your words are clear, your answers are focused, and you are looking at the camera.

9. Avoid Awkward Expressions: Certain verbal habits can distract from your message. Be mindful of repetitive phrases like 'yep yep,' 'right, right,' 'I know, you know,' or 'I mean.' Practice eliminating these fillers to enhance the fluency and impact of your responses. It may seem small, but polished language contributes significantly to your overall impression.

10. Prepare for Physical Discomfort: Illness can strike at any time, so you must prepare for that. If you have a cough, soothe your throat with warm water beforehand. Keep a tissue box within reach in case of a runny nose. By preparing for potential discomfort, you ensure a smoother interview experience. These practical steps, drawn from my mock interview sessions, can make a significant difference.

11. Express your Gratitude: End your interview on a gracious note. Thank the interviewer for their valuable time and the opportunity to discuss your candidacy. Let them know that you look forward to their decision. This simple act of gratitude showcases your professionalism and leaves a lasting positive impression.

Incorporating these presentation skills alongside your interview question preparation will empower you to navigate the interview confidently. By presenting your authentic self, managing discomfort with grace, and expressing gratitude, you set the stage for success in your chosen MBA programs.

Good luck with your interview

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