Posted on June 20, 2022

MER Answers MBA-related Questions- Week 4


This is our fourth-week answering queries from prospective applicants who ask us about various aspects of MBA application:  their eligibility for their target programs, age, GPA, GMAT, academic gap, employment gap, job switch, second MBA, and much more.

Today’s question is about switching jobs two months after joining it and a few months before the application deadlines.


Hi Poonam

I am currently prepping for the GMAT. I tend to take your service once my GMAT is done and start to work on my ISB application. I have a quick query, and I hope to get your advice on this. I recently switched jobs (March 2022), and the workload is too much. I am finding little to no time to prepare for GMAT and hence intending to make a switch.

My first job was with ZS (20 months), and then I worked for a startup for one year, and now working with another firm since March 2021. I want to understand- if having short work stints would work against me while applying for Schools? Please advise if I should stick to my current role, or is it okay to make a switch?


Vivek ( not real name )

Our Response:

Hello Vivek,

Thanks for your query.

I don't think it is a good idea to make a job switch only two months after joining it. This decision may not present you in the best light. I understand that it's challenging to prep for the GMAT along with a demanding job. But if you give yourself enough time and make a realistic plan, you can do justice to both- GMAT prep and job. The MBA application process is highly daunting and time-consuming, and you would find it equally challenging to work on your applications along with your job. The good news is if you start early, have a plan, and follow it, you will be successful. You may be interested in MER students' advice on the GMAT prep.

GMAT Prep - MER Students Share Insights

Another reason you may stick to your job longer is that your supervisor will get time to observe your work closely, which will help him vouch for you well in the LOR.

I hope it helped.

Good luck with your GMAT.


Stay tuned for another MBA query next week.

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