Posted on June 6, 2022

MER Answers MBA related Questions – Week 2


At MER, we regularly receive emails from prospective applicants asking us questions about various aspects of MBA application regarding their profile, eligibility for the top programs, age, GMAT prep, waitlist status, employment gap, job switch, second MBA, etc. Last week, we started our weekly blog posts of answering applicants' MBA-related queries. Last week’s topic was the candidate's age, GMAT, and GPA. Here is the link:

MER Answers MBA related Questions -Week 1

We are back with our week 2 MBA query. This candidate wants to know if she should go for a second MBA or Master's program.

Question about Second MBA

Hello Poonam,

Working in NYC has been one of the biggest dreams of my life. I have already completed an MBA course. I now wish to pursue a second Master's/MBA degree abroad, in the next 2-to 3 years.

A brief of my profile so far: I'm a 2017 engineering graduate, post which I worked with reputed US-based financial services firm as a QA engineer. Post that, I took a gap of a couple of years to prepare for CAT. During this time, I taught elementary-level mathematics at a private tuition level. I also helped a few friends with their MS SOPs, all of whom have made it to their dream schools.

I'm aware of the fact that the points mentioned above might go against me in my pursuit of a second Master's. Please advise if  I should go for a second MBA or a Masters's degree. I'm also open to other suggestions that could help me achieve my dream of working in NYC.



Our Response:

Hi Veena,

Thanks for your query.

If you want to pursue a second MBA, you will need to justify/ explain two things:

1. Why do you want to pursue a second MBA? What skills do you lack that you plan to gain through another management degree?

2. Why did you take a break from work? Quitting a job to prepare for CAT is not viewed in the best light by the admission committee members. It may reflect your inability to handle multiple responsibilities. Were you involved in any other creative activities (community involvement extracurricular activities) during your break apart from preparing for CAT and taking Math tuition? If so, you should share them.

3. Could you earn a good CAT score?

It is my understanding that most US B- schools do not welcome a second MBA, primarily because they do not want candidates to pursue the same courses they have already completed.

If your goal is to learn business skills and earn a leadership role, then a second MBA will be a better fit, given you can justify your need for a second MBA in your optional essay.

However, if you aim at learning technical skills in a special area ( business analytics etc.), pursuing a specialized Master’s program will be a more viable option. But you still have to explain your employment gap and the specific skills this degree will equip you with to help you fulfill your career goals.

I hope it helped,


Stay tuned for another MBA query next week.

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