Posted on August 31, 2022

MER Answers MBA- Related Questions- a Compilation of 12- Weeks Series


The MBA application process is highly demanding, intense, and time-consuming. We regularly receive queries from prospective applicants about various aspects of the complex process, including their eligibility for the program, age, GMAT, GPA, waitlist, employment gap, academic gap, job switch, second MBA, and much more.

We recently completed our 12- weeks series of answering applicants' MBA-related questions. We have compiled all blog posts of our 12 weeks series in this blog. You may choose the one that resonates with you.  Enjoy:)

Week 1: Questions about Age, GMAT, & GPA

Week 2: Questions about Second MBA or Master's

Week 3: Questions about CPA or GMAT

Week 4: Question about Switching jobs two months after Joining.

Week 5: GMAT Retake & Time Required for Round 1 Deadlines

Week 6: To Accept an Admit Offer or Apply to M-7 Next Year

Week 7: GMAT & Application Prep in Parallel and Recommenders for Candidates from Business Background

Week 8: To Retake GMAT or Not after 710

Week 9: Questions about Extracurricular Activities

Week 10: Questions about Getting off the Waitlist

Week 11: Questions about ‘Magic Trick’ to Impress the Admission Committee

Week 12: Questions about GMAT and MBA at 35

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Wishing you good luck with your Round 2 applications and a joyous, safe, and successful New Year 2022.

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