Posted on May 12, 2020

MBA Application Updates of 50 B- Schools Amid COVID-19

In the past few months, COVID-19 has turned human lives upside down globally. To help the applicants navigate through these exceptional circumstances, the business schools around the world have taken several steps. Some schools have extended Round 3 deadlines, while some have introduced an additional round, waived GMAT/GRE, moved to rolling admissions, waived application fee, and have allowed applicants to submit GMAT/GRE after submitting applications, and so on.

At MER, we have been following updates that the business schools have been sharing with Poets and Quants every week for the past few weeks. We have also been following updates on the GMAT Club. Based on the information gathered, we have created a comprehensive bulleted list of a few significant changes made by 50 business schools in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

 1. Harvard

  • The deadline for the 2+2 program extended by two months to June 1

  • The School will maintain a larger waitlist than normal, expecting a smaller amount of international admits may join the campus this Fall

  • HBS has decided to give all admitted MBA students the option to defer enrollment for either one or two years. Incoming students have until June 1 to request a deferral.

  • HBS has increased need-based scholarships and expanded the overall financial aid portfolio.

    2. Stanford

  • There was no change in Round 3 deadline of April 8

  • Applicants can submit the necessary exam scores after the Round 3 Deadline dates

    3. Kellogg

  • Kellogg had previously stated that applicants can apply without GMAT or GRE score and submit the scores after submitting their application.

  • Two weeks later, Kellogg waived off the GMAT/GRE/TOEFL/IELTS requirement for those applying to its extended Round 3 deadline of June 1 for its full-time MBA programs

  • Those who waitlisted/denied in R1/R2 can appeal for reconsideration.

  • The Kellogg Future Leaders deadline is extended from April 2 to June 3; it will accept online GMAT/ GRE scores

  • The new decision date for Kellogg Future Leaders now will be July 29

  • For more details click here

    4. MIT

  • Has extended R3 deadlines

  • Full-time MBA candidates can apply until June 15 and SFMBA until May 1. Candidates can apply without GMAT/GRE/EA scores with certain conditions.

  • Final decisions by May 7

  • The application deadline for MBA Early Admission is extended to June 2

  • For more information, click here

    5. Wharton

  • Round 3 applicants could submit applications without GMAT or GRE score and submit scores after submitting applications

  • Round 3 deadline is extended from April 1 to April 15

  • Advance Access is extended from April 1 to May 27

  • For more information, click here

    6. Berkeley Haas

  • Haas has introduced Round 4 with a deadline of May 4 and decision date of June 4

  • Applicants without a test score are encouraged to apply in the late-round and take 'GRE at Home' and forthcoming GMAT online options

   7. Booth

  • There is no change in the deadline for Round 3

   8. Columbia

  • Application deadline moved to June 1

  • Application decision shall be linked to GMAT/ GRE score submission

  • More candidates are expected to be admitted "toward the end" of the application cycle as some candidates may not be able to make it to the campus due to exceptional circumstances

  • Columbia's EMBA summer term is now virtual, and CBS is providing $500 rebate per 3 credit courses

 9. Cornell

  • There is no change in the Round 3 deadline. Test scores can be submitted by June 1

  • If the test scores are not submitted by June 1, the complete application will be shifted to next year's application cycle

  • New Rolling deadline for the 2-year MBA program is June 1; applicants can submit SAT or ACT in place of GMAT/GRE

  • The one-year program will start virtually on May 11

  • Cornell has added a dedicated COVID-19 Admissions and Implications webpage to show all admissions related updates.

  • For more information, click here

 10. Darden

  • Round 3 now transitioned to rolling admissions through July 15, 2020.

  • Offered to accept ACT and SAT in place of GMAT/ GRE scores

  • Fall 2020 international admits are given an option to start classes in Jan 2021. Their 1-year studies shall be crunched in the 6 months leading to summer and then a short internship

  • For more information, click here

 11. Duke Fuqua

  • Has introduced New Round 4 with a deadline of May 19, 2020

  • Application fee for applicants of Round 4 waived off

  • The application may be submitted without GMAT/GRE scores

  • Now accepting Executive Assessment (EA) as a substitute for the GMAT / GRE.

  • Classes shall commence on September 3. Orientation on August 31, 2020

  • For more information, click here

 12. NYU Stern

  • Stern has extended the final deadline to May 1

  • Decisions shall be released on an ongoing basis

  • Will accept the scores from the online GMAT, GRE or TOEFL exams

 13. Ross

  • Ross has extended Round 3 deadline from March 30 to May 29

  • Applications received after the priority deadline (March 30) will be evaluated on a rolling basis.

  • International admits can either begin the program remotely or request a deferral to Fall 2021.

  • If any R2/R3 admit prefers not to submit their enrolment deposit at this time, they can re-apply for Fall 2021; their application fee will be waived. These students will only be required to submit an updated application form, resume, and personal statement. They will not be required to submit new essays, transcripts, or recommendation letters, nor will they need to re-interview.

  • Accept online GMAT/GRE test scores

  • For Fall 2020, limited GMAT/GRE waivers are available provided they meet specific criteria found here

  • Online MBA application deadline extended to June 15

  • Online MBA is now accepting applications for a Winter 2021 intake deadline of September 21, 2020

  • For more information, click here

 14. Tepper

  • Deadline extended to July 31; application fee waived off through July 31

  • The unofficial test score will be accepted until May 21

  • Waived off GMAT/GRE requirements

  • However, the admitted candidates will be required to pass the Tepper Mathematics Prep course, attend their Math Skills workshop and achieve a 3.0 GPA in the First Semester

  • Introduced reduced deposit amount for holding your seat

  • For more information, click here

 15. Tuck

  • Introduced one time Round 4 for late applicants of Round 3

  • Round 4 shall be on a rolling basis- from April 1 to June 1

  • The decision will also be rolling- starting from May 11 to July 1

  • All applicant-initiated interviews have been suspended for the remainder of this application cycle. Only committee-initiated interviews will take place virtually for this cycle

 16. Yale

  • Yale is adding a Round 3 Extending deadline of May 27 for applicants who could not submit the application by April 14

  • No change in EMBA deadlines

  • For more information, click here

17. University of California-Anderson

  • Round 3 deadline extended to June 1

  • The application can be submitted without GMAT/GRE

  • GMAT/GRE scores to be submitted by July 1

 18. Emory

  • Application deadline for 2-year MBA extended to July 1

  • GMAT/GRE test scores will be considered for waiver

  • Application fee has been waived off

  • Relaxing the employment requirements for Evening/ Executive MBA

  • Remote onboarding for its incoming One-Year MBA class

  • Plans to start as per schedule. Students who can't come to the campus due to travel ban/ visa issues may be given remote learning option

 19. ESADE

  • Applicants can take ESADE Admission Test

 20. Foster

  • Introduced Round 4 with a deadline of May 19 (for domestic applicants) for full-time MBA in Autumn 2020

  • The Full-Time MBA will accept the online/alternative GMAT or GRE tests.

  • R-2 deadline of Evening MBA program extended to June 2 to allow applicants to take online tests: GMAT/GRE, or EA

  • For more information, click here

 21. Georgetown McDonough

  • Accepting online and expired GMAT/GRE test scores, the Executive Assessment, MCAT, and LSAT

  • English testing requirements can now be met online TOFET/DuoLingo in addition to TOFEL/IELTS

  • After Round 4 deadline of April 27, applications shall move to rolling admission cycle until June 24

  • The fall semester will now start in-person on September 8

  • Master's in Management program start date moved from July 6 to August 24

 22. Georgia Tech Scheller

  • Accepting online scores/test waiver requests for both evening and full- time MBA; one remaining deadline of June 1

  • Application review on a rolling basis and decisions

  • The evening MBA program has two remaining deadlines of May 29 and June 26.

  • Applicants can request for the waiver of GMAT/GRE when submitting the application provided they meet one of the three criteria

  • Executive MBA program has two remaining deadlines of June 30 and July 13.

  • The full-Time MBA program has two remaining deadlines of June 1 and July 1

  • The full-time program is accepting scores of online GMAT/GRE

  • For Evening and EMBA candidates, the requirements for being currently employed is relaxed for those who have had employment changes due to COVID-19

 23. Carlson, Minnesota

  • Added an extra round with deadline of June 1

  • Flexible on the GMAT/GRE test scores

24. HEC Paris

  • There is no change in deadline

  • Test scores can be submitted later

 25. IESE

  • Admission deadline for 2020 intake is May 5

  • The application will continue to be accepted after the deadline on a rolling basis

  • Applications can be submitted without GMAT/GRE scores

  • Scores shall be required before the decision on the application is made

 26. IMD

  • The application deadlines for the full-time MBA program unchanged

  • There are two remaining deadlines for the program starting in January 2021: July 1; September 1

  • Candidates can apply without test scores. If admitted, you will get a Conditional Offer dependent on the score received once test options are made available.

  • For more details, click here


  • Has extended the application deadlines for the January 2021 intake

  • Can apply without test scores apply by taking an online GMAT exam.

  • Applicants who missed the September intake Round 4 deadline may use January 2021 application form.

  • If your application is successful, the admission team will let you know if a seat in the Sept. 2020 intake is still available

  • Accept the GRE Test at Home and TOEFL Special Home Edition test

  • For more information, click here

28. Kelley

  • For Full-time MBA, following the April 15 deadline, will be accepting applications from domestic applicants on a rolling basis until June 1

  • Applicants may submit the application without the test scores

  • Deadline for Fall 2020 Cohort of the Kelley Direct Online MBA Program extended to July 1

  • Test scores must be submitted before a final decision is made

 29. Kenan Flagler

  • Round 4 extended to July 13

  • New applicants can request a GMAT/GRE waiver

  • Applicants can submit other test scores for SAT/ACT/ LSAT/MCAT/ etc.

  • The applicants who received a waiver for GMAT/GRE, admission shall be based on the successful completion of their Analytical Skills workshop prior to the start of the program

  • Full-time MBA class will start on August 31

  • For more information, click here

 30. LBS

  • No change in deadlines

  • Accepting applications without GMAT/ GRE if you are unable to take a test in your location

  • If you already have a GMAT/GRE score, you should submit it with your application

  • If you had planned to retake the test, let the LBS admissions know.

  • If you do not have a GMAT/GRE score they will be evaluating your application on your academic performance, resume, and work experience

  • For more information, click here

 31. Marshall

  • No change in deadline

  • Waives GMAT/GRE requirement for the remainder of Fall 2020

  • The orientation dates of the full-time program have been postponed.

  • International Student orientation August 17, all class orientation Aug 18-21, Core Classes starts August 24

 32. McCombs

  • International applicants can apply without a test score

  • Application decision will be made only after test scores are submitted

  • Introducing Round 4 for domestic applicants with an application deadline of April 28

 33. Mendoza

  • Application deadline extended to May 1 for 2-year MBA and MBA/MSBA Dual Degree without test scores

  • After the May 1 deadline, introducing Round 5 with rolling admissions deadline of June 15

  • The application can be submitted without GMAT/GRE scores

  • Test requirements shall be considered case by case basis

  • Application fee waived by using the code IRISHMBA

  • For more information, click here

 34. Michigan Broad

  • Application deadline extended to June 14

  • GMAT/ GRE scores shall be accepted until June 7

  • Waiver for outstanding applicants with 4 or more years of work experience

 35. National University of Singapore

  • Program commencement date postponed to January 2021 for both full time & part-time programs

  • Application deadlines extended to July 15, 2020, for both programs.

 36. Oxford Said

  • There is no change in the Round 3 deadline

  • Applicants can apply without test scores

  • The application fee is waived

  • 5th Stage deadline for September intake extended to May 29, 2020.

  • Contact SAID for more information at

 37. Purdue University

  • Application deadline extended to June 15/July 1 for domestic/international applicants

  • Application fee waived for domestic applicants

  • GMAT/GRE exams scores waived until July 1

38. RICE

  • Round 3 is converted to Rolling admission decisions

  • Application fee waived

  • GMAT/GRE can be substituted with ACT/SAT scores

  • In-person classes moved to virtual classes from March 13

  • Click here for more information

 39. Vanderbilt Owen

  • Offered a new R4 only for domestic applicants

  • Waived off GRE and GMAT components

  • Waived off application fee

 40. Washington Olin

  • Postponed the starting date by 2 months!!!

  • The date of the program is shifted from June 23 to August 24

41. SIMON (Rochester)

  • Eliminated Pre-Fall orientation and academic coursework

  • Shifted entering date to August 2020 to allow entering students more time to arrive in Rochester

  • For more information, click here

42. Texas A & M University

  • Application fee waived for applications submitted by April 22

  • GMAT/GRE scores waiver can be given by School


  • Tippie has simplified admission process

  • GMAT/GRE scores are not required for Tippie's Online MBA and Professional MBA programs for summer and Fall 2020

  • Application fee has been waived off

 44. University of Arizona-Eller

  • Continue accepting applications for Fall 2020

  • Waived application fee

  • Waived requirements of GMAT/GRE

 45. University of California-Irvine

  • A new application deadline of June 1 added

  • Application fee of $150 waived off on request

  • The application can be submitted without GMAT/GRE

  • GMAT/GRE scores to be submitted at a later date

 46. University of Manchester-Alliance

  • No change in deadlines

  • GMAT/GRE/IELTS/ TOFEL can be substituted with in-house Manchester admission test (MAT)

  • The early application discount period has been extended for applicants applying to the Manchester Global Part-time MBA to June 4

47. University of Maryland- Smith

  • GMAT/GRE test waived for Full Time MBA applications submitted by June 1

  • GMAT/GRE test waived for Specialty Masters Fall 2020 applicants meeting our High Performing Seniors criteria

  • Application deadline extended to July 1 for Specialty Masters

 48. W.P. Carey

  • Extending the final deadline to July 15

  • Application fee waived

  • GMAT/GRE may be waived based on GPA, work experience, and a good interview

49. Mendoza (Notre Dame)

  • Extended its application deadline (for 2-year full-time program) to June 15

 50. SMU Cox

  • Waives GMAT/GRE requirements through August 2020

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