Posted on March 27, 2020

HBS Professor Reflects on her First Online Class


To deal with the unprecedented challenges posed by the rising pandemic Covid-19, universities are moving in-person classes to online classes, scheduling all interviews online, canceling admission events, and global immersion trips, extending Round 3 deadlines, and much more.

Online Instruction: Harvard professor Francesca Gino wrote a super interesting article about her first Zoom class for the HBS students.

Here are some excerpts from her article on Linkedin:

  • "There is more participation online than offline. I’m not sure if the technology spurs it or if I was unintentionally stifling it in person, but it was very different. And awesome. And I commit to figuring out how to bring that back to the physical classroom."
  • “It was a relief to go deep on leadership topics that were not specifically about our global pandemic. It feels like the first break I’ve had from reality in quite a while.”

Enjoy the full article here: Reflections from my first HBS zoom class

We asked Mansi Dhiman, a second-year HBS student (and a former MER client) about her experience in an online (Zoom class). Here is what she said about her experience:

“Zoom (online) classes are actually much better than what I had expected. It’s our first week of classes, and honestly, I am enjoying it. I feel everyone is equally engaged and participative in an online classroom. Of course, the online experience cannot match the offline experience, but the way HBS has executed is brilliant that helps us not miss the offline classes as much.”

Let’s wait and see how schools come up with smarter and more sophisticated ways to use technology to enhance the educational experience of students in an online format. Let’s all hope that this global crisis is over soon, and students are able to move from their virtual classrooms to actual classrooms.

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