Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Are the essay packages for a particular school or for individual essays?

The essay packages are for individual essays. You can pick essays from different schools in essay packages.

Q: Comprehensive School Package covers short answer questions in the application form. Does it also apply to all the schools worldwide- US, Europe, Canada, Asia?

Yes, the comprehensive school package covers all short essays in the application form. However, some European schools (HEC, LBS, Cambridge, and Oxford, etc.) require 7 or more short questions in the application. So all questions of more than 100 words or more will be considered individual essays, and entail an additional charge of $99.

For example, Oxford has 9 questions under various sections (including the Essay section), so the additional 5 essays will entail an extra charge ($99x 5= $495).

Cambridge Judge has 7 questions  in addition to 4 required essays, so there will be an additional charge of $ 693 ( $99x7= $693)

HEC has 7 short questions of 100- 250 words in addition to 5 required essays and an optional essay, so there will be an additional charge for the extra 8 essays ($99x 8= $892).

The LBS application form has 17 questions in the application form. In this case, there will be an additional charge of $99 for each question of 100 words or more.

Q: I do not understand how anyone can review the LORs written by the recommender?

LOR support means guiding the applicants so they can guide their recommenders about the process of submitting LORs, pointers to approach LOR questions, the time required to create responses,  and the themes (key projects, accomplishments, etc.) to be discussed in LORs. If your recommender is willing to share LOR with you, you may forward that to me for my review, I will reorganize details, make comments/ suggestions on the gaps in content or lack of examples in specific LOR prompts, and correct sentence structure, grammar, and punctuation errors.

Q: How does résumé review process work? Is it like the essay review process?

Yes, the résumé service is like an essay review service. I will provide suggestions/ recommendations on the relevant content, organization, correct sentence structure, word choice, grammar, punctuation, etc. In the first long counseling session, we will have an in-depth discussion on your résumé and essays of your first school.

Q: Will you help me with video essay? Is it part of school package?

Yes, a video essay is considered an essay and a part of the school package. Therefore, I will provide you tips for video essay and if the school's requirement is to upload a pre-recorded video in response to the prompt, then I will help you prepare content for that. But if the school requires you to upload a live video, then, of course, I cannot help you since you will get the prompt just before recording your video.

Q: Do you help with scholarships and visas?

I am sorry, I do not assist with scholarships and visas. I do help with scholarship essays.

Q: What should I expect in a free consultation?

The purpose of a free consultation is to provide you an initial assessment of your profile and answer any questions you have about my services. Therefore, I would encourage you to fill out the complete form, including ‘Brief Details’ to provide me a brief snapshot of your personal and professional details. You may also e-mail me your resume, but please do not e-mail your essays before the initial call.

Q: How many upgrades I can have once I sign up for a school package?

You will have only one upgrade. So, for example, if you have signed up for 1 school package and after having worked with me on one school, if you want my assistance for 2 more schools, I will upgrade you to 3 schools package, and you will pay only the difference between 1 school package and 3 schools package. However, after 3 schools, if you want another upgrade, I may or may not be able to do that.


Q: Are 3 mini Essays of 250 words counted as 1 essay each?

If the three short questions are parts of one essay prompt, these shall count as one essay. However, short independent questions will count as three separate essays.

Q: Can you please briefly explain as to how does wait-list strategy work?

Waitlist strategy is providing guidance to only  those candidates who are waitlisted. This is nothing much except emailing the ad com periodically to show their continued interest in the program and updating them about the ways their profile has strengthened in the last few weeks/ months.

Q: My first draft currently stands at about 700 words and we need to cut it down to 500 words. I am unsure if I should pay for the 500 words essay, or if I would need to pay for 700 words.

If the prescribed word limit for the essay is 500 words, you will pay for 500 words ($449) even if you submit 700 words first draft.

Q: I have a question about your LOR review. Does this mean we will draft the LOR and ask my reference to sign?

No, your recommender will write the LOR. He/ she will share it with you, which you will share with me for my review. I will NOT modify the content, but I will provide my suggestions to add the content to address the prompt/ question effectively. In addition, I will reorganize details and correct grammar, sentence structure, and punctuation errors.

Q: When should I be approaching my referrers for LORs?

You should reach out to your referees well before the deadlines and let them know of the favor you need from them. They are busy people, so they need to be given sufficient time to work on the LORs.

Q: You mentioned up to 2 LORs per school. Does this mean we could potentially find different reference for each school?

Yes, I have mentioned up to 2 LORs per school because different schools have their own set of questions that they require the recommenders to respond to.

Q: What is the difference between Basic School Package and Comprehensive School Package?

In addition to the 3 components of the Basic school package (résumé building, essay help, and LOR review), the Comprehensive school package has the following 3 additional components:

  1. Advice on School Selection
  2. Interview Prep
  3. Waitlist Strategy (if needed)
Q: Are the essay packages for a particular school or for individual essays?

The essay packages are for individual essays. You can pick essays from different schools in essay packages.

Q: Do you provide hourly consultation?

Yes, I do provide hourly consulting services. You may use hourly services at any stage of your application process. Whether you want help in setting up your strategy or want a rush job and need my feedback on how you can improve your essays or résumé before submitting them, this service will be greatly beneficial to you.

Q: I want to sign up for one school package. However, after finishing essays on one school, if I decide to sign up for multiple school packages, will I need to make full payment or pay the difference?

After 1 school package, if we both decide to work on multiple schools, I will upgrade you to a multiple school package, so you will pay only the difference.  For example, after one school package ($1499), if you need my assistance for 3 more schools, you will need to pay $1900 more  for an upgrade to 4 school packages ($1499+$1900= $3399)

Q: Some schools require 2 essays while some schools may require 8 essays. If I sign up for a 2 school package, am I required to pay for 4 additional essays for the school that requires 8 essays even if my other school requires only 2 essays?

If you sign up for 2 schools package (2 for one school and 8 for the other school), this means we will be working on a total of 10 essays (as against 8). In such a case,  you will pay for two additional essays, instead of four.

However, if you register for a 1- school package and the school requires 8 essays (e.g. INSEAD), you will need to pay for 4 additional essays.

Q: Will you help me with school selection?

 I believe in the concept of the right fit. I encourage you first to do your own research to determine your "fit" with the school.  I will give you pointers to help you research schools. After shortlisting schools, you can approach me with a list of shortlisted schools. I will be happy to provide you with my insights on your choice of schools based on your profile and my experience and knowledge. Together,  we will finalize your target schools.  

Q: I need your assistance with two schools’ applications, but both my schools require only one essay. Since you review 2-4 essays per school, can I sign up for 1 school package and get your help for the two essays of both my schools?

No, we cannot combine essays of 2 schools for 1 school package. Individual packages (essay package, résumé package, and LOR package) will best meet your requirement. If you need my assistance with only the essays of two schools, then the essay package will work best for you.

Q: Regarding the research to be done before the essays, which information should I pay attention to regarding the college history, motto, and general guidelines to attract better attention from the Ad Com? Since there is a good chance many of the applicants might not have visited the college or have had a chance to discuss with the faculty or the students, how can they proceed with the research on the colleges in general?

If you are based in India, you are not expected to fly to the US to visit a school. However, there are various ways to do your research on the schools that interest you. You should research faculty, student groups, clubs, and organizations that match your interests/ goals. Another way to get information about schools is to contact students and Alumni and get their feedback via phone call or email. Also, I strongly recommend that you attend information sessions/ virtual events conducted by the schools. This research will help you answer the question, "Why target school?" and offer you additional insights into the program.

Q: I am an e-GMAT customer and also a GMAT Club member. What will be the final discounted price for me?

You will be entitled to only one discount. You can avail of either a GMAT Club discount or an e-GMAT discount.

Q: Please provide an approximate time-line for a stellar essay to be written on an average.

Admission essay writing is an extremely time-consuming and demanding process. If you are proactive in turning around your updated draft, it will take about 7-10 days to create a compelling essay.

If you sign up for a 5-school package, I will need 3-4 months of commitment from you so we both can enjoy the process of creating compelling and persuasive essays.

Q: What is the turnaround time for each essay edit?

I will revert to you with my edits within 24-48 hours, and I expect the same from you as well. However, if I receive your updated draft Friday, you may expect to receive my feedback/ edits on Monday instead of Sunday.

Q: Which schools you have been most successful with?

I have been successful with all the top 20 schools.

Q: Do you work over the weekends?

Yes and No. I do not work over the weekends. However, I may work through the weekends (and also outside of my work hours) when deadlines are close, and I agree to provide rush service. In such cases, we often have a prior agreement that we both are willing to work throughout the weekend to complete the assignment on time.

Q: Do you provide Interview preparation with mock interviews?

Yes, I do provide interview tips and mock interview services.

Q: Prior to any work that you do for a school package, I would need to have a draft of all the Essays, Résumé, and Recommendation Letter ready. Is that correct?

I need your résumé and the first draft of at least one essay before the initial meeting of 40-60 minutes.  If you have all the drafts of one school, you may submit them to me, but my minimum requirement is your résumé and one essay, preferably a goals essay.

Q: Do you provide any initial guidance/ brainstorming prior to submitting the initial draft?

Yes, some people need initial guidance to organize their thoughts, so I provide them pointers/ framework which helps them put together their ideas for specific essays for their target school.

Q: Can I submit multiple essays at a time?

Yes, you can. I will review the initial drafts of all your essays and discuss them with you in the initial one-hour counseling session. However, after the initial meeting, we will work on one essay at a time, as I believe focusing on one essay is key to producing a compelling essay.

Q: For essay packages, can I pick essay questions from different schools? For example, can I submit essay 1 from Tuck and essay 2 can be from NYU?

Absolutely. For essay packages, you can choose essays from different schools. However, there will be an additional charge for essays of more than 500 words.

Q: Will you write the essay instead of me? How does your process work?

No, I never write essays for applicants because I believe it is unprofessional and unethical. I work hard with applicants and make them work hard too, so we both enjoy the process and feel proud of the final product we create. I always discourage applicants from hiring anyone to write their essays. The Ad Com will find out that the essays are not in your voice. Another downside of hiring someone else to write your essays is that you will not feel confident during the interview.

Q: What is the mode of communication? Will communication happen through e-mail or is there a possibility of telephonic communication too?

After the initial one-hour meeting, we will communicate primarily via emails. Also, we will have scheduled phone calls/ skype meetings as and when required. We will primarily communicate via email. After reviewing the first drafts of your résumé and essays, we will have a one-hour counseling session on Zoom wherein I will explain my recommendations/ suggestions, ask you relevant questions about your profile to understand your candidacy (goals, career growth, accomplishments, interests, etc.), and answer any questions you have for me. This meeting helps streamline the process, following which you will update your essays/ résumé. After this long Zoom session, we will communicate primarily via email and conduct a phone/ Zoom call only if we need it.

Q: Do you provide Scholarship essay review service?

Yes, I do.

Q: Is there a free consultation available so that I can make up my mind? If yes, how can I contact you regarding that?

Yes, you can fill out the free consultation form or email me. If I have the bandwidth, I will review your profile and set up a 20-30 minutes free consultation skype meeting.

Please note being a solo practitioner, I have limited free consultation spots available, so I do not schedule more than 5-6 free consultations in a month.

When the deadlines are close, I may not be able to schedule a free consultation at all. However, I do try my best to answer as many requests as I can.

Q: How perfect you want the first drafts to be?

First drafts are never perfect. Please do your best and email your draft to me. You will be surprised to see how your essays evolve during the review process.

Q: What do you mean by “phone support” during review process? What is review process? Do you mean essay ‘editing process?’

Phone support means having scheduled phone calls to address your concerns/ questions.  Yes, by the review process, I mean essay editing process in which we will use email as the primary mode of communication.

Q: How many applicants do you work with at a time?

I work with 6 applicants at a time. Like any other professional, I work on schedules. Also, being a solo practitioner, following schedules/ timelines is not only my personal preference but also a requirement to produce an effective and strong application package.

Q: How often I can contact you during the application process?

You can contact me via email any number of times you need to. However, if you need to have a skype/ phone call with me, I will need to schedule it at a time that works for both of us.

Q: What is the good time to start the process?

Though the essay review process can only start when the new applications go live on the web a few months before the deadlines, we can begin the process any time before that to finalize school selection, create a résumé, brainstorm stories, and  make a "To-Do List."

Q: Do you provide hourly consultation?

Yes, I do provide hourly consulting service. You may use hourly services at any stage of your application process.  Whether you want help in setting up your strategy or you want a rush job and need my feedback on how you can improve your essays or résumé before submitting them, this service will be greatly beneficial to you.

Q: Have you worked with re-applicants?

Yes, I have successfully worked with re-applicants for the top 30 Business schools.

You may click here for testimonials of reapplicants.


Q: Are you a full-time consultant?

Yes, I am a full-time consultant since 2011.

Q: How often do you meet admission committee members to learn about admission trends and changes?

As an AIGAC (Association of Graduate Admission Consultants) member since 2013, I attend AIGAC annual conferences and school-initiated conferences held at different schools worldwide. Also, I attend AIGAC annual summer with the Schools Series wherein we interact with the school representatives and discuss new admission trends and other relevant issues regarding admission.

Throughout the year, the school representatives continue to update us with the latest information via email. You may click below to learn about our takeaways from each conference.

Q: Do you provide Scholarship essay review service?

Yes, I do.   

Q: Have you worked with applicants from diverse backgrounds/ industries?

Yes, I have successfully assisted people from diverse backgrounds (IT, finance, manufacturing, supply chain, family business, military, education, and much more.)

Q: Are we limited by 4 edits? What if I need more?

My guidelines/ edits are very comprehensive and detailed. In the initial iterations, I assist you with choosing/refining the right content and organizing it well, and in the subsequent ones, I work on sentence structure word choice and trim the essays to the allowed word limit. In the past ten years, very few people have required a fifth edit.

Q: What if I need more time to reflect on stories and cannot submit my drafts within 48 hours?

If you need more time, you may notify me that you will need 1-2 days more days to share your updated draft. This will prevent me from waiting for your essays and worrying about you.

However, if we are working on tight schedules to meet the application deadlines, you may not get that extra time. Also, taking additional time during the process will not change our mutually agreed deadlines.

Q: What is the difference between essay package and school package? Does the essay package include brainstorming ideas or does it only include 2-4 edits on existing drafts?

Whichever package you choose (essay package or school package), you will get the same quality service with regard to your essays. My essay review services include brainstorming stories. The essay package is different from the school package in the following ways:

  1. The essay package doesn't include resume review and LOR review
  2. For the essay package, there is an additional charge for an essay of more than 500 words.
  3. For essay packages, you can include essays from different schools, but for school packages, you will get my support only for the specific number of schools you have registered for. For example, if you have signed up for 2 schools package, you cannot include essay/ essays of a third school.