Posted on October 23, 2014

Free e-Book of Sample Essays That Worked for Top 30 Schools

myEssayReview is offering an eBook of Essays  (Get the e-Book here.) of its recent successful MBA students. The e-book is a compilation of 10 essays on wide ranging subjects e.g. goals, leadership, teamwork, setback, background, contribution, ethical dilemma, best mistake, culture, and strengths/ characteristics. The essays have been composed by MER students of varying   profiles (Work experience, GMAT, EC’s, ethnic background etc.) for top 30 B-schools. The writers of all these essays share two common grounds. First, they were all accepted into one or more schools of their choice, most of them with scholarships. Second, they worked directly with Poonam, the CEO and founder of myEssayReview.

This is what you have longed for. Right ? Hurry up, download the eBook, and begin your journey to your dream school.

      School Name Essay Topic
1.         Booth Goals
2.         Booth Leadership
3.        Kellogg Team work
4.        Kellogg Setback
5.       Wharton Background
6.       INSEAD Contribution
7.        CMU Tepper Ethical Dilemma
8.        Kellogg Best Mistake
9.        Emory Culture
10       UNC Kenan Flagler Strengths/Characteristics