This package is perfect for you if you need help with creating compelling and persuasive essays that help you stand out of the crowd.
How I work
Understanding your Profile
I will review your resume to understand your background, strengths, and weaknesses.

Even though essay package does not include resume construction, I will still go through your résumé to get a better understanding of your career growth, results achieved, leadership roles held, your other interests, extra -curricular activities, and community involvement.

Brainstorming Stories
I will ask a series of questions to understand your background (goals, accomplishments, etc.) and help you structure it well.

After having reviewed your first drafts, I will conduct a one-hour brainstorming session to discuss your personal and professional stories that are relevant to your essays. Based on the essay prompts, we will also focus on the following:

  • Career progression
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • Biggest accomplishments
  • Short term and Long-term goals
  • Leadership stories
  • Community Involvements
  • Strategy to address weak areas (for optional essay)

Lastly, I will answer question and address any concerns that you may have. Moreover, based on your requirements and profile, I will direct you to relevant resources on my website – sample essays, relevant blog posts, and essay question analysis.

Essentially, at the end of this session, you and I will both have a solid understanding of the process and of the stories we need to weave together to create strong and compelling essays that appeal to the Ad Com.

Crafting a Compelling Essay - First 2 Edits
Output = Optimum Content for each Essay
Ensure that we put the right stories and organize the information without worrying about the word count.


Optimum Content for each Essay with a focus on story development and structure without worrying about the tactical stuff such as word count etc. This step usually takes 1-2 edits per essay.

Goal – Organizing Relevant Information: In the first two edits of each essay we will:

  • Ensure that every paragraph of the essay is properly organized and serves the intended purpose
  • Provide suggestions on filling any gaps in the story and refining the content to ensure that the message is conveyed in a convincing and persuasive manner
  • Ensure that you clearly and effectively communicate your ability to contribute to the business school (e.g. 'goals essay' and 'contribution' essay)
  • Demonstrate how you will leverage the school’s curriculum to achieve your career goals (e.g. 'goals essay' and 'why x school essay')

Essentially at the end of this step, we will have an essay that has the 'relevant' content and structure and that effectively addresses all parts of the essay prompt.

Crafting a Compelling Essay – Last 2 Edits
Output = Stellar essays
Essays that showcase your candidacy and tell your story in the most effective and convincing manner


Stellar essays that showcase your candidacy and tell your story in the most effective and convincing manner.

Core Work – Conforming to School guidelines

  • I will edit your essay for sentence structure, punctuation, grammar and word choice.
  • I will ensure that your essay complies with the word count limits

Note: All of you are unique writers. So based on the quality of your first draft, some essays may need only 2 edits, while some may need all 4 edits to get to the compelling essays that we aim for.

Despite a 650, I received an admit offer from Duke with Partial Scholarship. Thanks, Poonam for your help!
- Ranul


I want 1 Essay Package for
  • The above pricing is for essays up to 500 words.
  • For essays between 550-750 words, there will be an extra charge of $70 in addition to the regular pricing.
  • For essays between 750-1000 words, there will be an extra charge of $99 in addition to the regular pricing.
In addition to the above-mentioned process, we will work under the following guidelines. This will facilitate professional conduct and ensure that we accomplish the desired outcome in a timely manner.
  1. The turnaround time for a critique/edit is 24-48 hours.
  2. After the initial one hour meeting, all feedback will be provided via email.
  3. Once you receive the review/feedback, you are expected to provide your updated draft within 24-48 hours.
  4. I follow strict deadlines. I will respond to your draft within the timeline mentioned above, and I will expect you to do the same. However, in the event of your inability to revert on time, I am willing to make accommodations that are agreeable to both of us. Typically, I will work with you on two admission essays for a period of 10-12 days. This ensures continuity of thought and more effective output.
  5. We will have all the edits of each essay in one word document so we can track the changes/comments throughout the review process.
  6. I will address any follow-up questions that you may have via email. You may send your queries along with your revised drafts or separately. However, if you have any questions/concerns that you need to discuss with me on phone, I will be happy to schedule a phone call to address them.
  7. Typically, we arrive at the final essay within the stipulated iterations. Under extenuating circumstances, I may provide an additional iteration at no charge. However, any extra edits after fourth iteration will require an additional charge of $70 per iteration.
Refund Policy
If the review process has not started then you may be entitled to refund as shown:
  1. 100% refund within 2 days if you do not want to avail my services.
  2. 50% refund within 7 days if you do not want to avail my services.
  3. No refund will be made after the review process starts. The process starts when I receive your first draft of essay/resume/LOR for review.