Creating Compelling Essays: Day 10- Tip 10- Avoid Using Quotations

Posted on September 27, 2015
When writing admission essays, most applicants tend to use quotes of famous and distinguished people (leaders, philosophers, and scientists, etc.). The latter has made a positive impact on the lives of future generations. It is a general perception that using quotations of eminent personalities is a powerful way to impress the readers. I, however, do…
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Creating Compelling Essays: Day 9- Tip 9- Use Transitional Expressions

Posted on September 26, 2015
Specific details and examples are essential in making your stories engaging and persuasive. The use of transitional expressions make these specific anecdotes/ details coherent and help the reader to transition smoothly from one bit of information to the other. The use of transition words and phrases not only helps us write clearly and coherently, but…
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Creating Compelling Essays: Day 8- Tip 8- Do Not Use Jargon

Posted on September 25, 2015
It has been a common experience for me to review essays filled with technical terms of the applicant’s industry. Whether it is ‘leadership’ essay, ‘setback’ essay, ‘goals’ essay, ‘ethical dilemma’ or even ‘background’ essay, some applicants inadvertently provide lengthy technical details that are comprehensible only to their industry people. In their enthusiasm to showcase their…
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Creating Compelling Essays: Day 7- Tip- 7- Do Not Use Passive Voice

Posted on September 24, 2015
When narrating your personal and professional stories, make sure to be personal. Your experiences and accomplishments, irrespective of how impressive they are, will fail to make an impression on the reader if they are written in the passive voice. I often come across essays composed in flawless English, but they still don’t succeed in making…
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