Developing Engaging Stories for MBA Essays – Helpful Tips- a Summary

Posted on August 24, 2014
For the last 13 weeks, we have been discussing one essay tip every week. I have illustrated each of these super useful essay tips with examples from my students’ essays. I hope you have enjoyed them. For those of you who missed some of them, here is a compilation of the links of all of…
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Developing Engaging Stories for MBA Essays Week #13- Tip #13

Posted on August 18, 2014
Proofread, Proof read, and Proof read So you have written, rewritten, and revised your essay multiple times and have made sure that you have adequately addressed all parts of the essay question within the prescribed word limit effectively and persuasively. Now the last step is to get your essays edited for sentence structure, punctuation, grammar,…
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Developing Engaging Stories for MBA Essays Week #12- Tip #12

Posted on August 10, 2014
Choose Your Words Wisely Every year, B schools are cutting down on the number of essays and the word limits of essays they require their prospective students to write. What is the reason behind this changing trend? We all know that Admission officers have thousands of applications to review, so they don’t want to be…
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UNC Kenan Flagler Essay Questions Analysis 2014-15

Posted on August 5, 2014
Application Deadlines Round 1: October 17, 2014 Round 2: December 12, 2014 Round 3: January 16, 2015 Round 4: March 13, 2015 From the University of North Carolina’s  Kenan Flagler Website:  MBA Admissions Selection Criteria We seek candidates for admission with strengths in these areas: Leadership and organizational abilities Communication skills Interpersonal skills Teamwork abilities…
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