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Alfons - London Business School

Alfons - London Business School
I want to thank you Poonam for helping me get into my dream school LBS!

You want to get admitted to your favorite business school? Then I urgently recommend to use Poonam's services!! Do not risk to jeopardize your application success with poorly written essays. Poonam truly is an expert and can help you a lot to get access to your business school of your dreams! Her guidelines in choosing the right content/ stories for various essay questions, in restructuring and rephrasing sentences/ paragraphs, and in editing them for grammar and punctuation errors helped position my candidacy in the best light leading me on to the realization of my dreams. I want to thank you Poonam for helping me get into my dream school LBS! I am so grateful for your invaluable help!

-Alfons R. (2012 applicant, accepted into MiF, LBS)
Debashish, Berkeley

There are mostly three types of consultants.You had combined the best features of 2 and 3 type consultants.

I had earlier talked and got feedbacks about a few essay consultants. There are mostly 3 types of essay consultants as what I have noted:

Consultants who charge hefty fees ($2000 and above) and cover whole essay package for a school. I have no idea how they work.

Consultants who just work on the content- They do not advise on what should go inside and how. They are helpful to check the grammar and making a good English presentation. Consultants who comment on the content, but do not give an advice as what should exactly go in, citing specifics. They are helpful, but need a lot of introspection from the candidate.

You had combined the best features of 2 and 3 type consultants. You not only edit the essay content, but also first work with the candidate to come up with the best story. You never forced me on away, but had given your feedback, as what would be an appropriate option. After the first call, you advised as how to narrate the stories, and make an attractive presentation. You have helped to create the natural flow from one incident to other in the best possible way. You had been always cautious about the word limit, and for every edits, you mentioned the word count, which helped to keep a look. You had also removed un-necessary repetitions.

-Debasish (2013 EMBA candidate, waitlisted by HAAS)

Thanks a lot. I applied to only one school, and I received interview offer from that school.

I chose MER because of good reputation and review. The guidelines will help me create basic and initial concept and idea. And suggestions, she will helped me avoid mistakes and focus on what I should compose. Thanks again for your help and service.

She gave me examples of essays and advice. Then I followed the structure and framework of the example to draft my essays. Finally, you will help me re-group the essays. She decreased a lot of redundant words. Re-group the sentence and structure. Finally, the essay looks like smooth rather than rigid. And she controlled the words-limit strictly. All in all, I think it is much better than I wrote. Her turn-around is within 24 hours or earlier during weekdays or 48 hours during weekend. I think it is pretty fast. Good price and good result. This is kind of good experience in my life.

-Yinning – 2014 applicant, waitlisted - UCLA FEMBA)
Mohan, Chicago Booth

Chicago Booth
I had only three weeks before the deadline; with your help, all the essays were edited and ready well before the deadline!

I had only three weeks before the deadline; with your help, all the essays were edited and ready well before the deadline!

The structure you suggested helped me organize the information without using much jargon that would help anyone understand the essays very easily. Also, you effectively trimmed down all my essays. My goals essay was close to 800 words which was trimmed down to 600 words without compromising on the content.

Better choice of words and sentence structure was used that resulted in better clarity. In the editing process, I learned a lot about the sentence structure. Also, I received the critiques/ edits in less than 24 hour period. Thanks, Poonam for your help.

-Mohan (2012 re-applicant, accepted by Chicago Booth)
Priya, ASU

I was accepted within weeks of submitting my application!

Poonam is a master storyteller. I had changed 3 jobs within 5 years, and I was concerned how the Ad Com would view it. Poonam turned it around and portrayed it as my strength, highlighting it as evidence of continuous career progression.

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-Priya (Accepted into W.P. Carey)
Sergie, Darden

Thanks for guiding me to select appropriate stories to showcase my candidacy!!

Poonam's excellent guidance, her critical and effective comments helped me choose the right content/ stories that added immense value to my essays. Her editing helped make my writing more precise and sweet flowing, while her speedy responses allowed me to finish my essays satisfactorily, well before the deadline. Many many thanks!

-Sergei (2012 Applicant, accepted into Darden)