Applicant Success Stories and Testimonials

Alisha - Hong kong University

Hong kong University
I would give myessayreview a 5/5 and more, if I could! Thank you, Poonam. I couldn’t have done it without your help.

I availed Poonam's services for my application to the undergraduate programme at The University of Hong Kong. From the beginning, she reviewed and re-viewed my essay with utmost patience. She took her time to point out all the possible errors/ flaws in content and ensured that it tuned out into an impeccable piece to which I can proudly say that it did. She did this by asking several questions and getting to know me and my ambitions which I appreciated the most. Also, she took care that the essay was edited in a way that it incorporated all my ideas and thoughts. The way in which she dealt with me by making my application her own application and working with me on reaching the highest notch of perfection makes me lucky to have her as my consultant. The best part about her services is the high level of professionalism, with an adequate blend of personal touch. She takes time to know the applicant's stories and perfectly combines them with the essays. This particular aspect showed me how passionate she is for her work.

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-Alisha (2014 HKUS applicant, accepted with $ 40000 scholarship)
Hanna- Allen university

Allen university
I really appreciate your work efficiency; it is an important lesson for me to learn. A role Model in this aspect.

I decided to sign up for your essay review services after reading your blogs. I believed that you were not only an expert in editing, but also have expertise in the APPLICATION of B- School. With your guidelines, I observed that the both stories I firstly chose might be conflicted with each other, making each other less convincing. This was a key point in the correction. You helped me to connect the link between my passion, my past and current achievements, the MBA and Post MBA Goals, making them more systematical rather than fragmented.

You downsized my stories so quickly and so effectively that I was impressed. I really appreciate your work efficiency; it is an important lesson for me to learn. A role Model in this aspect. Thank you so much. Your work attitude, your principle of time management really encouraged me. I often forgot that you are a grandma, because you are still hard-working, helping students to attend their dream-schools.

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-Hanna (2014 applicant , accepted into St Allen University)
Vijay- Michigan

Apart from essay writing, I have learned many things from her such as punctuality, following the schedule, loving own work etc.

After I was done with my GMAT, I spent at least 100 hours reading the reviews of various admission consultant services. I finally decided to sign up for a multiple schools package with Poonam because she is an AIGAC certified consultant whereas most of the other consultants are not. Pricing is also very reasonable compared to the other consultant firms. Most importantly, her success rate is on the higher side.

Initially, we both had telephonic and skype calls to brainstorm stories for essays (goals, accomplishments, background, mistake, setback culture shock, etc.), so that we would be ready for the right content when the schools would release essay questions. She sent me a framework/outline for every single essay we worked on that helped me put together my first drafts. With each edit she sent me, the essays kept getting better and better, and I was able to submit my best essays for every school. The essays always carried the right content to the essay prompts. Her guidelines and suggestions not only helped me choose the right content but also helped me find my own voice. I was glad that she never compromised on the content to get the allowed word-limit. The sentence structure was excellent and apt to the content. She always provided better words to showcase the content of my essays. Her editing was so perfect that she never even missed a punctuation mark: comma, semicolon, and colon etc. She perfectly followed the turn-around time (24-48 hours) and followed the best practice by informing me about her schedule in advance.

Poonam’s kindness and her dedication to work are exemplary. For one of my schools, I was just about to submit the application when I found out that it needed one extra essay about which I didn’t know earlier. It was a shocker for me because I had only 2 days left before the deadline. At that time, Poonam was about to board a flight to go on a one week vacation as per the schedule she had already informed me weeks in advance. Even during that crunch situation, she had sent me the edited essay from the airport because of which I was able to submit the application on time. This speaks a ton about her dedication towards her work and her concern for her students.

I am very thankful to Poonam as I got admitted to my dream school. I had a wonderful journey with her throughout my application process. Apart from essay writing, I have learned many things from her such as punctuality, following the schedule, loving own work etc. I will implement these qualities in my daily life and strive to become a better person.

I recommend Poonam to everyone who is very much willingly to have a bright future and an MBA admission.

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-Vijay- (2014 applicant to Cornell & Ross)
Arul - Michigan

Poonam is a firefighter. I was impressed with her professionalism, dedication and commitment.

Poonam understood my critical timeline on my application at the beginning and she put together a 9 day plan to complete all my essays and a resume, we aggressively worked and completed in 7 days. Her turnaround time on most of the edit was within few hours. She is a firefighter. I was impressed with her professionalism, dedication and commitment. At the beginning I have decided on my essay stories. Based on her guidelines/suggestions on each edit the story carved out well. Poonam’s first edit on my essays always helped me to understand how the structure and framework should be. Her each comment was always precise and clear, that helped me what I should be doing on my upcoming drafts. She edited my essays very well keep close to the word-limit on each edit. The final version was so crisp, I was impressed. I highly recommend her service to anyone who is looking for essay-reviews.

-Arul- (2014 applicant to Ross)

Without your structure and pointers I would be lost in my own brainstorm.

The main help came from the reviews to organize my stories into meaningful and convincing ideas written in concise and easy to read English. English is my second language and I have a wordy style to write in English. The feedback I received was very helpful to reword my writing into concrete and powerful sentences. Trimming effectively my essays to fit the word-limit was the most valuable benefit I received from myEssayReview. The sentence structure was a key factor to express the ideas in a logical flow and to make the history easy to read. Sometimes my essays looked choppy, but this problem was fixed thanks to the feedback I received on sentence structure. She made some minors edits in word choice, but they were very helpful to improve my essays and especially my resume. I recognize that punctuation is one of my weaknesses, and my essays were substantially improved in this area. She fixed my grammar pitfalls with a stylish grammar. I had prompt response with edits, comments, critics and instructions to follow. Typically the turn-around time was around 24 hours. Overall, I am very satisfied with her service; it exceeded my expectations. I would recommend her services to anyone who wants to optimize his/her time in the essay writing process.

-Edgar Ferrer (2014 applicant – ESMT)
Thomas, Johnson Cornell University

Thank you for your valuable contribution in helping me submit an effective essay package on time.

I'm extremely happy with Poonam's edits and her detailed comments/ guidelines that helped me in distinguishing myself. I especially liked the framework she provided me for gathering/ organizing my ideas for essays. She was extremely prompt in turning around edits (within 3-4 hours) which helped me submit my application on time even though I had started working on my essays a couple of days before the deadline.

-Thomas (2012 Cornell applicant)