Applicant Success Stories and Testimonials

Muhammad - Krannert

I interviewed for 3 of the schools, and received admit from all of them including Purdue University (my dream school) with scholarship.

Poonam guided me to think and help me focus on the key contents required to showcase my profile to the admission committee. She highlighted strong elements of my profile like leadership, management, and volunteer experience to overcome my low GMAT and less than 3 years of work experience, making it compelling for the reviewer.

I was very concerned about my applications for business schools because I have low GMAT score and less than 3 years of work experience. I searched for best consultant and shortlisted 3 of them, and myEssayReview was one of them. Because of its reviews on GMAT club, I decided to enroll for one school package first to check how she works. After discussion with Poonam on telephone, I thought that I made a right decision.

Poonam provided very valuable insights on structure of my essays. I loved the way she guided me on how to structure essays to develop a logical structure. This was a great advice and I followed this advice diligently in all the essays. Poonam also gave me suggestions to improve my resume that helped me a lot. I was very impressed with the quality and professionalism of myEssayReview services.

At first I signed up for just one school, but I liked her services too much that I signed up for 3 more schools. Poonam is the single point of contact and this makes a huge difference. She will guide you at each and every step.

Poonam guided me very effectively to choose the right and to the point contents to make my essays look interesting and compelling to the reader or admission committee. I had a lot of stuff to put in essays and Poonam really helped me to choose effective words and she edited my essays in such a beautiful way that we met the words limit requirement without excluding any important element of my profile.

Poonam has excellent command on punctuation and grammar. Punctuations are very important and ignored part of writing, but Poonam uses her skills of punctuation to make your essays look very professional. Poonam knows how to make proper flow of your story. Also, she knows where the best place for every sentence is. The turn-around time of the edits was perfect. All the critiques/edits were provided within 24 hours as promised on the website and as per our initial discussion.

I already interviewed for 3 of the schools, and the best thing is that I received admit from Purdue University (my dream school) with a scholarship. I am very happy that I chose myEssayReview services. I will strongly recommend myEssayReview to everyone who is looking for outstanding services and especially to those who have some weaknesses in their profile. Poonam will expertly highlight your strength to conceal your weaknesses.

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-Muhammad (2014- accepted by Purdue, College of William & Mary, GWU, with scholarship)
Mehmet - UCIrvine

My essay review is the best you can get when you consider what you pay.

If you have good stories and want to make them better Poonam is the best you can get in this area. She was quick and can make good touches to your essays. I thank her.

My essay review is the best you can get when you consider what you pay. Poonam makes everything she can do for you and your essays. She first makes a very long skype call and learns what your strengths weaknesses, your history are. After that she takes your CV and makes recommendations. My package includes one school package and recommendation letters so she was in every aspect of my application.

Our first interview was very helpful and we discussed 1 hour how we should structure the application. Every time you made edits of the essays and you helped me to show the ideas more smartly and efficiently. You have succeeded very effectively in reducing the essays without losing any meaning and detail.

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-Mehmet, 2014- interviewed by UC Irvine, accepted by Claremont

Thank you so much Poonam! I’m really happy to have chosen your service, and I will definitely come back the next time I need your help.

Through insight into my situation and background, you have succeeded to give me feedbacks on my initial content, suggest adding or removing details/stories and finally editing it. Sentence structure, word choice, punctuation and grammar –you were excellent in every area. I would never have done such a good job as a non-native English speaker.

You really know how to bring out the right stories and make them shine. Too long sentences, confusing structures and wrong chronological orders; all these are gone Keep working just the way you do now. Nothing could have been better. You are definitely my first choice the next time I need help with an essay, work application or any other document. I hope I admit to this program, and if I do not, I will be sure the reason is not a bad personal statement. Thank you!

-AH- (Applicant M.Sc. Finance HEC Lausanne)
Thank you, Poonam for the great service! I know I am a strong candidate for medical after working with you!

My situation was difficult as I had a character limit and not a word limit, however you were able to meet the character limit without losing any key ideas.

Your editing services were excellent in all areas i.e. sentence structure, word choice, style, punctuation and grammar. I absolutely loved how quick of a turnaround your edits were! While they were quick turnarounds, it was obvious you put a lot of time into each edit! Very impressive!

Thank you, Poonam for the great service!

-Siddhartha (2012 Med. Student )
Nitya T - University of california

University of california
Thank you for helping me secure 50% fellowship!

Poonam helped me differentiate my profile from that of a typical IT applicant. This helped me get admitted and secure a scholarship even though I applied in the last round.

-Nitya T (2012 applicant Accepted into UC Davis with 50% scholarship)
Aparna - Georgia state university

Georgia state university
Poonam made me feel as if I was interacting with a friend, rather than a consultant, throughout the process

I signed up for my essay review services because I was impressed with the reviews given in GMAT club and also the service is affordable. And the testimonials in the blog made me choose MER. Her suggestions about sentence structure resulted in more clarity which is the first and most critical aspect Ad Com would look for while evaluating the essays. I never took tension about word-limit because Poonam asked me to come up with story/content without worrying about word-limit. It was she who took care about trimming the essays without compromising on the story. Her modifications and suggestions about sentence structure had totally changed the look and style of my essays. She made them look professional. Initially, grammar correction was one of the primary reasons for taking hers services. And I was completely happy with the grammar of essays after review.

Poonam was very particular about turn-around time for essay edits. I used to get edited drafts in less than 24 hours for all of my essays. Because of her strict timelines, I was able to submit my application before the deadline. Poonam made me feel as if I was interacting with a friend, rather than a consultant, throughout the process. Thanks Poonam Jee for your guidance and support.

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-Aparna (Accepted - Georgia State University)