Applicant Success Stories and Testimonials

Rajeev Kumar - CMU

Rajeev Kumar - TIPPIE
I was interviewed by 3 out of 5 schools I applied to!

Poonam has provided extensive reviews on my essays, recommendations and resume. When I compared final version with the first draft of my essay, I was really surprised to see the sheer change in the story building. I liked her approach of review and suggestions. When I finished first college essays, looking at the quality of the final versions, I extended my contract for other 4 colleges as well. I got interview calls from Tippie, Mays, and Kelley and am accepted by Kelley on 70% scholarship, but this is all Poonam's effort that made me think through about my past experiences and cultural backgrounds and to work hard to meet the deadlines of schools. Her turnaround time is the most outstanding part of the application package. Many a times, I forgot to send the drafts of the essays, but she always reminded me for the deadlines and sent feedback to me on or before the time.

Poonam has always provided the feedback to make the content story like. She always emphasized to bridge the gaps on the story and helped me think through my past experiences and cultural background. Her review comments on the recommendations were to the points and compelled my recommenders to think more about my work experience.

She always emphasized to make flow in the chronological order of the events and to build the essays story like. She always asked me to put the content relevant to the questions asked. Many a times, when I deviated from the main question, she asked me to focus on the specific details questions asked and provide relevant details after cutting fluff in the essay. Also, she helped me analyze my past experience and even the goals in the career, something that I never thought about seriously before and that is very important before applying to any B school. It was an excellent experience; she always asked me to put full story first without worrying about the word limit. Then she helped in trimming the essays and put only relevant and structured sentences in the essays. This really helped me building an efficient story in the end.

She always emphasized on precise sentences and made sure that story is not becoming monotonous. I generally use normal vocabulary in my writing; she made my stories great by adding good and more meaningful vocabulary in the story. She always made sure that my essays are grammatically correct and that there were no disconnected elements in the story.

Thanks Poonam for all your support in my applications! I would strongly recommend your application services to other applicants.I am sure that had I not availed your services, I would not have been able to apply to so many colleges in such a less time.

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-Rajeev Kumar (2013 applicant, interviewed by Tippie, Mays & Kelley, and accepted by Tippie with 70% scholarship)
Mavis Schulich

Mavis Schulich
I applied to 4 top schools in Canada in R-3 and I am already accepted by one of them- Schulich. Thank you, Poonam for your invaluable help.

Your guidelines made me dig into my memories and experiences to get the right content for my essays. Even my weak areas such as employment gap and suspension were carefully portrayed, so they didn't affect my admission prospects

Thank you, Poonam for your invaluable help. The essays revised by you played a key role when Schulich reviewed my files. You guidelines made me dig into my memories and experiences to get the right content for my essays. Also, you helped me eliminate unnecessary details and information. My chosen stories might not have been the best ones, but you turned them into the ones that best represented me. The sample essays on your website helped a lot by giving me directions for each paragraph. Also, your editing helped me focus on a particular point in each paragraph so that the story can be effectively told.

I could see you are very good at this by trimming down one of my essays from 739 to 400 words. . When writing essays, I was used to writing many more words than necessary to give you as much information as you might need. You might find difficulties on these long essays and I am sorry about that. Yes, you did a great job on the turn-around time. I would rather say I was the one who slowed down the editing process. Thank you very much for your patience Also, I would say I made a smart choice by availing your resume services as well, so all parts of my application package, including recommendation, letters presented my candidacy in the best light. Even my weak areas such as employment gap and suspension were carefully portrayed, so they didn't affect my admission prospects. . I have already received accept offer from Schulich, and I am positive that I will receive interview invite from Ivy Richards, Rotman, and De Groote as well. Poonam, I will get back to you with some more essays for international change program in my second year of MBA. .

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-Mavis- 2013 R3 applicant- Applied to 4 top Canadian B-schools, interviewed by all, accepted by Schulich.
Aigerim Nurova

Aigerim Nurova-Georgia State University
Thanks so much for your personalized attention and going above and beyond!

Thanks so much for your personalized attention and going above and beyond! Before I learned about Poonam's services, I had already purchased services from a reputed admission company for my admission essays, hoping to get satisfactory service from them. I paid $550 for this service, as the service charges are $250 per hour, and there is a minimum of two hours. I had to pay for each email and each question I asked them in order to clarify my doubts, but the feedback provided to me hardly helped me improve my essays. The most frustrating part of this experience was that in spite of spending a huge amount on this service, I did not receive any pointers /guidelines about the content of the essay.

Just then I learned about Poonam's services through e-GMAT and contacted her. After a couple of email exchanges, I purchased one essay service and we began working. As I worked with her, I discovered that she does more than what is stipulated as a 'process' of her essay review service. For example, phone call to clients doesn't figure in her review process, but she scheduled couple of meetings with me on phone to have a conversation regarding my past accomplishments and thus succeeded in getting some amazing stories out of me which I finally used in my essays. I especially liked the friendly relationship she established with me while we worked together. I felt comfortable working with her because I knew she cared and would continue with her edits and guidelines until we both were absolutely satisfied with the essay.

I was so happy with her services that soon after we finished working on one essay, I purchased another essay package from her, and a couple of days later, also availed her resume service. I must say I have had an excellent experience with Poonam's services, and I would recommend her to all those applicants who dream to have their personality shine through their essays and resumes.

-Aigerim Nurova (2012 applicant, accepted into West Virginia University)

I have already received interview calls from Cornell and Emory, and the overall quality of my application has improved dramatically. Thanks Poonam!

Poonam is great for people who have ideas about their essay and want to present the idea better. I think experience matters the most in B-school application, that’s why I came to Poonam to use her experience in helping me present my story more strongly.

I came to Poonam after I got the referral from a friend who got into Kellogg and that was about three weeks before the R2 deadline. Poonam was very accommodating even though she was very busy with her other clients at the time.

After a 30 minutes consultation over the phone, we got the ball rolling. First, Poonam imparted me the best structures for different essays, be it leadership or career goal. After we got the stories lines hammered out, we started working on refining and editing the essays. I like the way Poonam challenges me to get the essay in shape because everyone has a different story and Poonam stimulated me to bring the best side of the story instead of re-writing my stories in her way. That kept the originality of my stories so that they didn't sound like cookie cutters.

One problem I had with my essay was how to properly flow the story and make it more cohesive. Poonam helped me re-structure the essays by moving paragraphs and sentences into proper order. I have significantly over-run the word limits in all first drafts (60% - 120%), but the word limits only came into play after the story line was vetted by Poonam.

After that, she challenged me to take off things that aren’t closely relevant before she started further reducing the length. After her magical touch, my essays stand almost right on the word limits, without losing the strength. With a strong English Literature background, Poonam helped me carefully choose the words, especially verbs and adjectives that are more powerful in meaning to better deliver the stories. .

24 to 48 hours turnaround was the common ground that we both agreed before I started working. She sticks to this rule the whole time we worked together and when she has bandwidth, she got back to me sometimes in less than 24 hours. As everyone has the same deadlines from schools, I totally understand the 24–48 hours turnaround and her dedication to comply with this rule.

I have submitted my second application in this round and have got interview invites from both the schools. I am happy with the results because I feel that I have submitted an application of much better quality than the ones I did by myself in first rounds.

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-Joe (2014 applicant, interviewed by Cornell , Emory, and INSEAD)

Poonam is an expert in bringing the best out of your story. Anyone who is looking to preview himself from the eyes of another person, who can show who you are with a much better understanding, must go for Poonam.

Although there are numerous professional consulting services available, I wanted something fresh, systematic but unconventional guidance. Luckily I came across Poonam’s profile on and it immediately struck me. I went through few reviews and Poonam’s profile itself and found exactly what I was looking for. She has long experience in teaching and taught in various countries. So I decided to receive her guidance and help to make my applications

Having 9 years of experience, I had lot of moments and stories to write but I was clueless about right selection. Poonam not only helped me pick the best ones from my stories but also made them look impressive and strong with her acute understanding and beautiful compilation. In fact, summarizing all my profile in one page resume was heck of a challenge but she just made it look even better than a two page resume.

I sent my comprehensive story from all parts of my life till date and she showed immense patience and understanding to grasp who I am. Then she guided me to compile each and every essay for my chosen school by choosing right story and told me how to integrate in the essays. Moreover, she just refurbished everything I wrote, from correcting grammar to punctuation and every other aspect of language. The final products were always so beautiful that I couldn’t ever find a reason to complain.

Generally each time I compiled my draft for any essay, it was well over the word limit but Poonam just did wonder every such time. She not only confined my stories within the required limits but also kept all the necessary details and content without compromising on quality or words. I often made such minor errors while drafting my essays and overlooked but Poonam picked each and every such mistake and corrected me. I am so thankful to her for such micro level analysis because most of the time, we tend to focus on context and lose our sight from such details. But Poonam has a hawk-eye and focused approach on every aspect of language.

I feel little embarrassed to speak on the turn arounds because most of the times, it was I, who delayed on response. Poonam was more than pro-active each time she had to review/edit/critique my essays. In fact, she would even follow-up with me always and moreover, she would work over weekends too depending on the deadlines. So I feel both sorry and thankful to her with such great dedication to her work and services. Anyone who is looking to preview himself from the eyes of another person, who can show who you are with a much better understanding, you must go for Poonam. She would make your application so effective that even you would have not imagined. Her dedication, understanding and command on language are impeccable. I am overwhelmed with her services and her guidance on understanding myself.

-Satinder–(2014 applicant to IMD & Duke)

I got an interview call from IESE within a week :)

The guidelines were extremely helpful especially when choosing the stories for one of my essays where I had the option of choosing a college leadership experience or a professional experience. You clearly delineated how the professional experience would add more value to the application and also helped frame the flow of the essay which made the product/output much more relevant.

In all my essays, whether it be goals or accomplishment, your guidelines and step-by-step structured approach was extremely helpful. The detailed framework you provided me ensured that I just had to answer the questions in that format and my essay was almost 50% done. This was extremely beneficial and helped reduce the amount of time I had worked on these essays for other (earlier) schools by myself.

Though my essays were always out-of-limit, you made sure to edit them down to the required word limit. You conversed with me multiple times to make sure that the essence of the ideas was intact and not hampered.

Turn-around-time for the edits was perfect and was much before 24 hours in most of the cases. You made sure that even if I sent it any time of her day she returned it with her edit within 24 hours. This was extremely helpful for me as I was tied down with other deadlines and interviews and had to start work on the essays only in the last week before the deadline.

-Saaim Khan (2013 R-2 Applicant Interviewed by IESE)