Applicant Success Stories and Testimonials

Abhishek - Darden

I received interview call from each university I applied to!

As a candidate from an over represented pool (Indian, software engineer, male, low GPA, almost nil community service experience - you name it!) of MBA aspirants, I knew that my chances were pretty slim. The competition is intense and, considering a demanding job with 14 straight working hours for six days a week and very less time in hand (I started considering applying to B-schools late November), I soon realized that I would need someone who could guide me in the essays. I got to know about Poonam's service through e-GMAT and decided to give it a shot. First I purchased a three-essay package, and was so impressed with her service that further purchased a three-school package.

And I think that that was the best decision I took during my application process!

Poonam was everything I could ask for - genuinely interested in helping me get into the school of my dreams yet demanding in her guidance and feedback. She helped me through every step of the process - pushing me to stay on schedule, rigorously reviewing all of my written materials, and pepping me up whenever I used to get overwhelmed. She showed me how a minute update/ placement/ replacement of word could change the entire message in the essay (yes, in one essay just moving one 'though' from one part to another part added an extra 'zing' to that essay). She helped me to find my own words and craft a message that I truly felt was my own.

Moreover, Poonam was there every step of the way. For two essays I was running behind the schedule due to heavy workload at office and discovered that I was just few hours from the deadlines. I was amazed to find that she spent whole day working with me. I would like to quote her "I will work with you until you are all set to submit your application with a smile on your face." This was extremely appreciated, especially since she sacrificed much of her time over the holidays. I received interview call from each university, except one reject (Harvard. and I solely believe that it is because I could not get the essays reviewed by her due to time constraint), I applied to: UCLA, DARDEN, BOOTH, TUCK. I am accepted by Darden on 50% scholarship and waitlisted by UCLA. I cannot ask for anything more! And I owe everything to her!!

Thank you Poonam. Without your help, I cannot imagine how I would have handled my job and stressful applications all at once. Anyone who is serious about applying to graduate business school should consider using Poonam's service. Trust me: you'll thank yourself for your decision.

-Abhishek Samanta (2012 R-2 applicant - Interviewed with Booth, Darden, and UCLA, accepted by Darden on 50% scholarship)
Arun Wharton

Poonam is a thorough professional and goes extra mile to ensure that she brings best in each of the essays.

Your guidelines/ suggestions helped me in my essays in limiting the word counts for each section of the essay answer and have balanced coverage of each sub-question, in diving deeper to find hobbies (interest in travel & being a family man) for background essay, and deleting professional content from background essay.

You suggestions on essay structure and sequencing helped me in bringing the right content on the top, clubbing the related content and reducing some details to bring the essay within word count limit without compromising on overall quality and coverage, and moving around content to right place in the essays and sequencing it better to make the story flow natural and chronological.

Your edits were done very well to bring the essays within word limit without losing any impact of original content. Some least impactful examples or superfluous content were cut making essay content more sharp.

Turnaround was always with stipulated timeline and in later cases much earlier. Even when Poonam was not completely well, she turned around her edits/ critiques within stipulated timelines.

Poonam is a thorough professional and goes extra mile to ensure that she brings best in each of the essays .She did not stop with her initial inputs but kept probing to get additional personal stories for my background essays.

-A.G. - (2013 applicant-accepted into Wharton EMBA program)

I worked with Poonam on 3 schools, and got accepted into all of them with scholarships. I cannot thank you enough for that!

I really enjoyed the process of working with Poonam. She offers a structured approach on how to tackle the most common essay questions, and help you identify the best way to approach specific essay questions, in order to show the best of you in each essay. The service is excellent and the price is affordable, I have been and as an international applicant I would definitely recommend her services.

Poonam suggestions helped me to structure my ideas. She helped me express in a proper way, the best attributes I have as a candidate and show that in my essays. The guidelines in the essays helped me to identify what was asked in the essays, answer in a proper way every question. And link all those ideas in a fluent way. I believe the editing of the essays was great. I liked the comments and how before start working with you, she takes the time to talk and know a bit more about the client, in order to know what drives him and how to use that in the application process.

Poonam has an excellent command over sentence structure, word choice, punctuation, and grammar.

Yes, I was a bit late sometimes, because of my work. I believe the service is great, and for someone with no previous experience in writing essays for the application process, it is truly money well spent. I would highly recommend Poonam to work with you on developing your essays and editing as necessary. Poonam first understood who I was, reviewed my drafts, provided guidance on who and what the readers would be looking for. With the information on my background, she was able to hone what strengths I should focus on. Poonam made sure I stuck to the question being asked and responded to that. She was able to draw out of me what where the important points to incorporate in the essay. I was under extreme turnaround times. Poonam clearly articulated when I was to send my essays, and when she would respond back, which was usually within 24 hours.

My native language is Spanish, and even though I feel comfortable with my level of English, as an international applicant, I wanted to make no mistakes. This was my first experience with a school application. She helped me structure my ideas in a logical way in order to show the best of me in every essay. I would definitely work with her again.

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-David Loaiza - (2014 applicant, accepted into Rice, Rochester, and GWU with 30% scholarship)
Shane Mays Business School

Mays Business School
I was recently accepted into my number one choice school -Texas A&M and thank Poonam for her assistance. I highly recommend her services.

Poonam really aligned my essays with my complete package, ensuring the essays linked with my resume, undergrad, and recommendations. I highly recommend her services.

I recently applied to B-School and was not quite sure what admissions wanted to hear and how to maximize my applications. I started reading essays and getting ideas, but I really couldn’t come up with anything that made up stand out, so I started looking into essay writing services and MBA consulting firms. Needless to say, I was astonished by their price. However, I found myEssayReview and was pleased by their price and reviews.

After contacting them, Poonam responded to my email rather quickly. She recommended that I send her my Resume and any drafts that I had so that she could get a good idea of who I was and where I should focus my essays. Within two days, she responded with a great outline of two of the three essays (All without payment). I quickly accepted her services and started updating my drafts. She provided reviews of my drafts within just a few short days and helped me until I was pleased with the results. I was recently accepted into my number one choice and thank Poonam for her assistance. I highly recommend her services and she was a great help. Thanks and good luck!!!

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-Shane Harden, 2014 applicant-, accepted by A&M

I am accepted into Haas. I cannot thank you enough for your valuable help. Your guidelines were helpful to ensure incorporating all the details to make compelling application essays.

I’ve never used other services so I cannot compare, however, I liked the way you were drilling down and asking for more details and expand on certain ideas, instead of just correcting grammatical mistakes and sentence structure. Your guidelines were helpful to ensure incorporating all the details to make it compelling application essays. I had hard time creating natural flow of different bit of story into a single coherent story. Your help on linking different paragraphs helped the otherwise fumbling essays. I especially liked that I did not have to worry about word counts and focused on telling the story with enough details because you were there to prune my detailed stories to the allowed word limit.

Since I am not a native speaker, and the way typical essay structured in my mother language is quite different, it was helpful to get my sentences modified by you. I noticed you made extensive changes in the punctuation marks which was good as I didn’t know how correctly use punctuations for long sentence. You were very punctual and professional in delivery which made it possible for me to submit my application on time.

-Tatsuki -2014 EMBA applicant, accepted by Haas

Thanks for helping me make my essay more interesting and candid!

Poonam gave me an excellent feedback with regard to all aspects of essay writing. One can actually see a drastic improvement in the final essay from the first draft. Poonam has always answered all my questions and doubts I had asked along with my drafts.

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-Dr. Richa Singh (2012 Applicant to Manchester)