Applicant Success Stories and Testimonials

Fatima, Johnson Cornell University

myEssayReview Rocks. It was amazing to have someone who is more dedicated about my success than I was.

I applied to 3 schools and I have received admits from two- Cornell and Wisconsin with scholarship. Thank you for your dedication, time, and help. You helped me to believe that I can do it even with a low GMAT score. It was amazing to have someone who is more dedicated about my success than I was. Poonam, you’re the sweetest consultant I know.

I always feared to sign up with a consultant until I met you. In fact, I thought that I wouldn’t find someone who will understand me and help me the way you did. I truly valued each moment of working with you.

You’re a master story teller. Before I signed up for school review, I haven’t had any clue about how to deliver my story in the most compelling way. Your suggestion and guidelines on each essay’s first edit gave me enough information that helped me correct my mistakes and restructure my story.

Your structure for essays and recommendation letters were well defined and easy to follow. I think that you did a great job specifically with this part which on my hand helped me to write quickly my essays. I also noticed and appreciated your suggestion on recommendation letters. In fact, you nicely and smartly forced the recommenders to write a compelling recommendation by answering the questions asked instead of skimming through the questions.

I was particularly pleased that you always had trimmed my essays down to word-limit and still be able to picture the most important parts of my story. You helped me to understand that a long essay doesn’t always make a compelling essay. It’s all about structure and how to use words wisely. You chose the words concisely and smartly. Your use of grammar was impeccable. I had a friend read my essay and she hasn’t tell about any grammar mistake (she’s very good in English grammar).

I was especially impressed with your turn around. You’re the most dedicated person in turning around your edits and you have good time management skills. In fact, I am the bad one.
Thank you for your dedication, time, and help. You helped me to believe that I can do it even with a low GMAT score.

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-(Fatima -2014 applicant, accepted into Cornell and Wisconsin with scholarship (2 years tuition, health insurance, and stipend)
Carlos Jose - Johnson

I worked with her on 4 school applications and every single school invited me to interview. I have already been accepted by 3 of them (adding to more than US$70 k in scholarships).

First of all, Poonam is a wonderful coach. She started by putting a lot of effort into digging out my best stories in order to get a good selection for typical themes (leadership, setback, goals, etc.). The editing process is pretty structured: she uses the first couple of edits to get the right content (without concerning with word count) and the last couple of edits to make the essays comply with the word count limits

The one-hour initial call was really helpful in identifying my best stories and reasons for applying to MBA. After that, the sample essays were essential to get me into the right “mood” (especially on Emory’s cultural shock essay). Although my recommenders kept making the same mistakes over and over, you kept reviewing the LORs to get them as best as possible. The concrete suggestions (e.g. sense of humor in Kellogg’s LORs) were essential to guide my recommenders.

I can’t thank you enough for all the effort you put in editing my essays. When everything seemed lost (such as a word count twice of the limit), your edits kept me focused in what was essential and what was fluff. You’ve operated some miracles in word count trimming.

Sometimes you’ve made some changes in the sentence order in paragraphs that enhanced the “readability” a lot. It’s my understanding that most of your word count miracles were due to changes in word choice to keep the meaning while reducing word counts (and it worked!). Well, I don’t know how I got a V41 in GMAT with my punctuation skills, but you certainly helped me with punctuation. Part of my application strategy was to get my essays perfect in grammar (due to low AWA score) and I feel that your edits helped me in achieving that.

Regarding timelines, you were more professional than I expected on following deadlines. This helped a lot, especially in crafting Emory’s essays in a couple of days. During the whole process you kept me very motivated, especially when I needed some wake-up calls.

Yes, Poonam, thank you (again) for all the support during this process. I couldn’t get there without your help. I feel that words aren't enough to thank you for all your support. I can’t wait to join Cornell in fall, 2014.

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-Carlos Jose (2014 applicant accepted by Emory, Ivy Richards and Cornell. (Adding to more than US$70k in scholarships); interviewed by Kellogg).
Sriram Kellogg

I worked with Poonam on my essays for Kellogg and Booth and I was accepted into both. I couldn’t have asked for more.

I was very happy with Poonam’s service. The service suited me well, because she truly stuck to the task of editing the essays and not rewriting it, which many of the other competing essay editing services do.
Poonam’s suggestions and comments played a very important role in shaping my essays. I was not conscious that I was not communicating certain qualities through the essays until I got her feedback. Her editing definitely helped improve the flow of the essays.

The structure and framework was well defined and easy to follow. She is skilled at pruning the essays to the allowed word-limit; she proved that in many of my essays. The key is to be able to trim the words without losing the message, which was achieved. The edited content was grammatically accurate, the choice of words was apt, and the sentence structure was simplified to keep the flow and make it more readable. The turnaround time was very good. Most of the edits were turned around in less than 24 hours.

Keeping the content original and just refining the structure and grammar helps to keep the identity of the essay.

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-Sriram (2014 applicant, accepted into both Kellogg and Booth)
Krishna Kellogg

Thank you for all your help, Poonam. I am accepted by Kellogg. I couldn’t have asked for more.

Your suggestions helped me choose the right stories and helped me not only to clarify my stories, but also to write them in an appealing manner. I am very satisfied with the final structure of my essays.

Your guidelines helped me write my essays in a chronological order and the final content is easy to understand and follow. Also, I was very happy with your editing. With the help of your editing, I was able to adjust all the content that I wanted to write in the essay in the allotted word limit. The sentence structure, word choice, punctuation, and grammar were spot on. Lastly, the turnaround time was exactly as indicated on your website (24-48 hours).

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-Krishna (2014 applicant, accepted into Kellogg)
Ashwin CMU

I applied to only one school (CMU), and I got in with a scholarship.

Poonam is very quick to understand out concerns and recommendations on how we want our essays to be and works on those lines.

I was very happy with the suggestions you had provided me to streamline my thought process, which helped me to come-up with a compelling story at the end. The best part was helping me to structure and organize my essay. Though I had put up an initial draft with my points, I couldn't get a good compelling structure. You helped me to structure my essay in an attractive and crisp manner. Reducing the word counts and still able to showcase my positives and tell my story was challenging, but you made it really easy for me. Thanks Poonam for all help on this. This was definitely one of the challenging parts in my essay.

Your turn-around time was impressive; you got back to me within 24 hours, which helped me to complete essays quickly and leaving me lot of time to concentrate on other parts of applications. I am really impressed with the way you respond quickly. I would like to thank you again for all the help you had provided me to come up with a compelling and refined SOP.

I would recommend anyone who is looking for streamlining their initial draft and make their essay standout.

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-Ashwin Peter (2013 applicant, GMAT 610, accepted into CMU with $2K scholarship)
Helen Emory and Georgia Tech

Emory and Georgia Tech
I worked with Poonam on two schools, Emory and Georgia Tech, and I am accepted by both with scholarship.Thank you so much for working with me and helping me with all the admission essays.

For almost every single essay, especially the Emory's leadership/contributions essay, Poonam continuously pushed me for content, examples, and helped me rework the whole entire thing. Your help was absolutely essential in helping me answer the correct questions, making sure the essays are the best they can be, and I feel that you were able to help me set myself apart from other candidates.

Every time I sent a draft of a new essay, I looked forward to your first read-through and edit to show me a better way to approach the question. More than once, I ended up rewriting the essay entirely in order to better tell a story. More importantly, she helped me understand how to properly construct an essay to help highlight my best qualities to the Ad Com. I was very impressed when you were able to trim all of the Emory essays down to word limit, especially the leadership/contributions essay. She trimmed it down from 500 something words to 300 while keeping almost all of the content that we had. Her editing was excellent in all the areas: word choice and punctuation. All the sentences were short and concise. She fixed a lot of my grammatical mistakes, even the minor ones that I did not realize were wrong. She got back within 24 to 48 hours, for every single one of your edits/critiques. We did 7 essays together, 3 - 4 edits for most of the essays, and I don't think you missed any of the turnaround times including weekends.

Thank you so much for working with me and helping me with all the admission essays. Without her help I would have done a horrible job with pretty much all of them. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to apply to business schools and will be sure to refer her to any of my friends who are looking to enter MBA programs.

-Helen (2014 applicant, accepted by both Emory and Georgia Tech with scholarship)