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Mohan, Chicago Booth

I got accepted into Booth Evening MBA for Fall 2014 quarter. With a 610 GMAT score, it’s like a dream come true. Thank you, Poonam for all your help and guidance.

After my GMAT, I had very little time to submit my application to the business school (I was applying for 2 schools and had only 2 weeks’ time), and I was scouting for some good essay review services online. That is when I came across myEssayReview. There were excellent reviews and some of them who have had success with low GMAT score. I thought this was right for me.

While I had many of my stories ready well in advance, Poonam’s guidelines helped me get the flow of the story right and also eliminate any unnecessary content to be precise and to the point while submitting the essays to the business school. While I had my story content strong and solid, there was no proper structure and flow. The paragraphs and contents were haphazard and more often than not were completely out of place. Poonam helped me analyze my thoughts in their chronological order and worked through in creating an effective story and structure. Moreover, the initial kick-off call that I had with her helped me a lot in understanding how I should structure my thoughts and what I should include and what I should not.

Adherence to word limits was an area I was consistently worried about. I always ended up sending my first couple of drafts to her with at least 200 words more than the word limit. However, you had clearly asked me not to worry about the word count and instead get the story right. After the first essay, I strictly adhered to your advice and the result was fantastic.

Your sentence structure, choice of words, punctuation and grammar were spot-on. There were many instances when my sentence structure and grammar were incorrect and you did a detailed review of the essay to help me get the structure and grammar right without compromising on the story.

As I mentioned earlier, I was concerned given the short time as I had to submit my application within 2 weeks. However, you were extremely quick and always provided a turn-around of less than 12-16 hours. Despite time constraints, you were always there to satisfactorily address all of my queries/concerns throughout the process.

It was a pleasant and refreshing experience working with you, Poonam. I got accepted into Booth Evening MBA for Fall 2014 quarter. I really appreciate your help and guidance in helping me go through the essays without which this would not have happened also. I will not hesitate to recommend you to my friends and colleagues.

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-Balaji Ananthapillai (2014 applicant, accepted by Booth Evening MBA for Fall 2014 quarter with a 610 GMAT score)

I was accepted into Booth. I couldn't have asked for more.

I signed up for myEssayReview to get some help on my essays with two weeks left on the application deadline. I am a re-applicant, and I applied only to Booth. I got all my application material in place except for my essays, which I felt needed some unbiased review. I ended up on GMAT club reading all the reviews and comparing different products, cost and services offered. After spending a few hours, I decided to go with Poonam and bought the school package from myEssayReview.

Within hours, I got an email from Poonam. I then emailed her my essays and resume; she reviewed them all and scheduled a phone call for the next day. We discussed on the plan and I mentioned about my concern on the tight deadline. Poonam assured me that the timeline was not that bad and that she had helped other folks with less than ten days left. After the initial one hour meeting, I was a lot more confident than I was before talking to her.

The best part of Poonam's review process is the critique she offers on the first round. The critique offers plenty of advice on areas you have to improve the essay or sometimes even to rewrite the essay. I had to rewrite a couple of my essays. Yes, initially it was tough to digest the fact that I had to rewrite two of my essays with only two weeks left. But it turned out to be a piece of cake with Poonam offering incredible advice and providing me the right direction. She helped me pick the right stories relevant to the context.

Poonam helped me understand what the Ad Com was looking for and provided me the motivation to take time to reflect on my achievements and to put my stories in a chronological order leading up to short term and long term goals. I am sure every one of us has a lot of stories through our experiences and accomplishments but choosing the right ones and presenting them in the right context is what makes the difference and Poonam is a Pro in helping you cherry pick your stories. Also, she did an excellent job in keeping track of the word limit and offering advice on the language (remember a Ph.D. in English and a teacher with 30 years of teaching experience).

I think the key lies in understanding the critique and incorporating the advice by bringing out and presenting the best in you. I was able to wrap up all of my four essays in nine days. I was impressed with how the essays shaped up.

And, yes I got admitted into Booth for Winter 2015, which wouldn't have been possible without Poonam's valuable services.

Poonam, I don't think I can thank you enough for accepting to work with me on such a tight deadline. You have helped me wrap up the essays in nine days, which is incredible !I appreciate all the valuable guidelines and the comments you provided me to bring the best out of me and reshape my essays. I clearly see that I made the right choice by choosing myEssayReview.It was a wonderful experience working with you and I thank you for helping me with my application and to get in to Booth! You are awesome and I wish you the all best in your future endeavors!

I highly recommend Poonam for anyone looking for help on their essays and you can clearly see the difference once the essays are finalized.

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-Srinivas (2014 applicant, accepted by Booth Evening MBA for winter 2014 quarter )

High quality consulting service with unbelievably quick turnaround time

My main reasons for asking for help were the lack of native English reviewers and my doubts in quality of my essays at that time. I signed up for myessayreview services only a couple of days before the application deadlines of 3 UK schools: LBS, Cambridge, and Oxford. I am thrilled to say that I have received admits from all of three of them. I will be attending Cambridge that has also offered me scholarship. I couldn't be happier.

To begin with, Poonam's recommendations, guidelines and sample essays helped me to understand the missing elements in my essays and rephrase unclear parts. She recommended removing some unnecessary details of my draft essays and adding other relevant details which helped me organize and structure my essays effectively. Throughout the one week process, she satisfactorily addressed all of my questions and doubts. I must say her help with trimming down my essays was invaluable. She able to shorten 750 word essay by a third which is incredible. Her excellent knowledge of English language has immensely helped me in writing, proofreading, and finalizing my essays.

The turnaround time was unbelievably quick. We managed to complete five essays and a resume in just one week. Understanding the tight deadlines, she prioritized my application and managed to edit the essays and resume several times per day including weekend. I am very grateful for such effort and am sure it would have been hard to come by if I had worked with other consultants.

Poonam, I just want to say thank you so much for all your help and incredible pace of your work. It was a pleasure working with you. I am sure your other clients will be as happy with your services as I am!

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-Andrew (2014 applicant, accepted by Oxford, Cambridge (with scholarship) and LBS- chose Cambridge)