Posted on March 12, 2014

GMAT vs Admissions

After taking their GMAT, a number of students are confused as to which school they should apply to. They often come up with the questions such as the following:

  • “I have GMAT score of XXX.  What are my chances of admission?”
  • “Which school I should apply to?’

Although answers to these questions depend on a variety of other factors (your goals, work experience, accomplishments, leadership stories, skills etc.), it is an undeniable fact that a strong application package (résumé, essays, recommendation letters) plays a critical role in showcasing your candidacy and thereby determining your chances of success to any school.

Hence I have compiled a list of schools where my students have been admitted to.  The following list can help you understand the role that a good application plays in getting you scholarships (and not just admission). Also, it will assist you in narrowing down the list of schools that you think is feasible, given your GMAT score. While the following list is not comprehensive, it gives you an idea of what is feasible. For example, even with a GMAT score of 660, a great application package can help you get into top schools such as Kellogg, Booth etc.

School Name GMAT Score Received Admit
Booth 660, 720 Yes (Multiple)
Cornell 720,590 Yes with scholarship
Darden 680, 760 Yes (Multiple), with scholarship
Emory 680, 700, 720 Yes(multiple), with scholarship (multiple)
Georgetown 700 Yes, with scholarship
HAAS (EMBA) 720, 700, 630 Yes (multiple)
ISB 620 Yes
Ivy Richards 620,720 Yes (multiple), with scholarship
Kelley 680 Yes, with scholarship
Kellogg 660, 720, 720 Yes (Multiple)
LBS 680 Yes
Manchester 610 Yes, with scholarship
MIT 760 Yes
Purdue 620 Yes with scholarship
Rice 650 Yes, with scholarship
Rochester 650 Yes, with scholarship
Ross 670 Yes
RSM 590 Yes
Schulich, Rotman 620 Yes
Tepper 680, 720 Yes, with Scholarship
Tippie 720 Yes, with  scholarship
UC Davis 710 Yes, with scholarship
UCLA (MISM) 630 Yes
UNC Kenan Flagler 680 Yes, with scholarship
Wharton 760 Yes
Wisconsin 580 Yes, with scholarship
William & Mary 630 Yes, with scholarship

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