How I Review Your Essay

The flow chart above shows the process that we will follow for each essay review. Each step is discussed in detail below.

After signing up with myEssayReview, you will provide me with the first draft of your essay (including word limit specifications), the name of your target school, your resume, and your GMAT score. I will thoroughly review your resume and the first draft of the essay and email you my first critique/edit on your essay. Also, I will schedule a 40-60 minute phone conversation to discuss your resume (your career progression, biggest accomplishments, skills, interests etc.), brainstorm ideas/stories to be incorporated in your essays, discuss my suggestions/feedback on your essay(s), and also answer/clarify any questions or doubts you have for me. If you have purchased a school package (1-School, 2-school, or 3-school, etc.), I will also help you build your resume and review up to 2 recommendation letters per school. If you email me all the essays before the initial meeting, we will discuss all of them. Based on our discussion, you will update your essay(s). However, we will work on one essay at a time.
After making modifications according to the feedback/suggestions, you will submit second draft of your essay. This essay should now contain a compelling story. I will edit this second draft for proper organization/structure and sentence fluency. I will focus on ensuring that every paragraph of the essay is properly organized and serves the intended purpose. If required, I will use transition words and phrases to link ideas/details. In addition, I will provide suggestions on filling any gaps in the story and refining the content to ensure that the message is conveyed in a convincing and persuasive manner.
At this stage, I will begin summarizing your essay as per the prescribed word limit. Also, I will edit your essay for conventions (grammar, punctuation, word choice, spelling, and capitalization errors) and appropriate diction. I will provide you with detailed feedback that, when incorporated, should result in an almost final essay version.
I will prune your essay to the allowed word limit, making sure all your stories and ideas are conveyed effectively and persuasively to showcase your unique profile. I will send you two word documents:
  1. 1. My final edited version containing all of my edits with comments/suggestions and all of your updated drafts.
  2. 2. The final clean copy of the final draft.

Congratulations!!! Your essay is now ready for submission. You may now take a few moments to compare your initial draft with the final version. :)

In addition to the above-mentioned process , we will work under the following guidelines. This will facilitate professional conduct and ensure that we accomplish the desired outcome in a timely manner.
  1. The turnaround time for a critique/edit is 24-48 hours.
  2. After the initial one hour meeting, all feedback will be provided via email.
  3. Once you receive the review/feedback, you are expected to provide your updated draft within 24-48 hours.
  4. I follow strict deadlines. I will respond to your draft within the timeline mentioned above, and I will expect you to do the same. Typically, I will work with you on two admission essays for a period of two weeks. This ensures continuity of thought and more effective output.
  5. We will have all the edits in one word document so we can track the changes/comments throughout the review process.
  6. I will address any follow-up questions that you may have via email. You may send your queries along with your revised drafts or separately. However, if you have any questions/concerns that you need to discuss with me on phone, I will be happy to schedule a phone call to address them.
  7. Typically, we arrive at the final essay within the stipulated iterations. Under extenuating circumstances, I may provide an additional iteration at no charge. However, any extra edits after fourth iteration will require an additional charge of $70 per iteration.