Frequently Asked Questions

Prior to any work that you do for a school package, I would need to have a draft of all the Essays, Resume, and Recommendation Letter ready. Is that correct?

I need to have your résumé and first draft of at least one essay before the initial meeting of 40-60 minutes. If you have all the drafts of one school, you may submit them to me, but my minimum requirement is résumé and one essay.

Can I submit multiple essays at a time?

Yes, you can. I will review initial drafts of all of your essays, and discuss them with you in the initial one hour meeting. However, after the initial meeting,we will work on one essay at a time, as I believe focusing on one essay at a time is key to producing an effective and compelling essay.

For essay packages, can the essay questions be from different schools e.g. (essay 1 can be from Tuck, essay 2 can be from NYU, etc.)

Absolutely. For essay packages, you can chose essays from different schools. However, there will be an extra charge for essays of more than 500 words.

Will you write the essay instead of me? How does your process work?

No, I never write essays for applicants because I believe it is unprofessional. I work hard with applicants and make them work hard too, so we both enjoy the process and feel proud of the final product that we create. I always discourage applicants from hiring any one for writing their essays. The Ad Com will find out if the essays are not in your voice. Another downside of hiring someone else to write your essays is that you will not feel confident during the interview.

What is the mode of communication? Will communication happen through e-mail or is there a possibility of telephonic communication too?

After the initial one hour meeting, we will communicate primarily through emails. Also, we will have scheduled phone calls/skype meetings as and when required. For more details, please refer to the following link:

Do you provide Scholarship essay editing and structuring?

Yes, I do. However, it has to be one of the 2-4 essays per school.

Is there a free consultation available so that I can make up my mind? If yes, how can I contact you regarding that?

Yes, I provide a half hour free consultation. You can fill out the free consultation form and email me. I will review your profile and setup a half hour free meeting.

Do you provide free profile evaluation service?

Yes, I do. You can fill out the free consultation form and email me. I will evaluate your candidacy and email it to you. You may either choose free profile valuation via email or free half hour phone consultation.

How perfect you want the first drafts to be?

First drafts are never perfect. Do your best and email your draft to me. You will be surprised to see how your essays evolve during the review process.

What do you mean by “phone support” during review process? What is review process? Do you mean essay ‘editing process’?

Phone support means having scheduled phone calls to address your concerns/ questions. Yes, by review process, I mean essay editing process in which the primary mode of communication will be email.

How many applicants do you work with at a time?

I work with 6 applicants at a time. Like any other professional, I work on schedules. Also,being a one-person firm, following schedules/ timelines is not only my personal preference, but also a requirement to produce effective application package.

How often I can contact you during the application process?

You can contact me via email any number of times you need to. I am very prompt in responding to emails. However, if you need to have chat with me, I will need to schedule the meeting at a time that works for both of us.

Do you provide hourly consultation?

Yes, I do provide hourly consulting service. You may use hourly services at any stage of your application process. Whether you want help in setting up your strategy or you want a rush job and need my feedback on how you can improve your essays or résumé before submitting them, this service will be greatly beneficial to you.

Do you provide Interview preparation with mock interviews?

I do not provide ‘paid’ interview preparation and mock interviews service. However, whenever my students request me for interview guidance, I provide them interview tips FREE of charge.

How does the recommendation letter and resume review process work? Is it like the essay review process?

Yes, recommendation letters and resume service is like essay review service in the sense that I will provide suggestions/ recommendations on the relevant content, structure, word choice, sentence structure, and grammar etc. However, with school packages, I will do one (instead of 2 to 4) review of up to 2 recommendation letters per school. If you think your recommendation letter will need more edits, you may sign up for only recommendation letters service $249 (2 to 4 edits).

Will you help me with school selection?

I believe in the concept of the ‘right fit’. I encourage you to first do your own research to be able to determine your “fit” with the school. After shortlisting schools, you can approach me. I will be happy to provide you my insights on your choice of schools as per your profile.

Regarding the research to be done before the essays, which information should I pay attention to in reference to the college history, motto, and general guidelines so as to attract better attention from the Ad Com? Since there is a good chance many of the applicants might not have visited the college or have had a chance to have discussion with the faculty or the students, how can they proceed with the research to be done on the college in general, for the essays?

If you are based in India, you are not expected to fly to the US to visit a school. However, there are various ways to do your research on the schools that interest you. You should research faculty, student groups, clubs, and organizations that match your interests/ goals. Another way to get information about schools is to contact students and Alumni and get their feedback via phone call or email. This research will help you answer the question, “Why target school?” Also, make sure to attend MBA information sessions and MBA tours in your city.

Please provide an approximate time-line for a stellar essay to be written on an average.

Admission essay writing is an extremely time- consuming and demanding process. If you are proactive in turning around your updated draft, it will take about a week to create a compelling essay. If you sign up for a 5-school package, I will need 6-7 weeks of commitment from you so we both can enjoy the process of creating effective and persuasive essays.

What is the turnaround time for each essay edit?

I will revert to you with my edits within 24-48 hours, and I expect the same from you as well.

I want to sign up for one school package. After finishing essays on one school, if I decide to sign up for multiple school packages, will I need to make full payment or will I pay the difference?

After 1 school package, if you decide to work with me on multiple schools, I will upgrade you to multiple school package, and you will pay only the difference. For example, after one school package ($1199), if you need my assistance for 3 more schools, you will need to pay $1300 more which is the pricing for 4 school package ($1199+$1300= $2499)

I am an e-GMAT customer and also a GMAT Club member. What will be the final discounted price for me?

You will be entitled to only one discount. You can avail either GMAT Club discount or e-GMAT discount.