Tuck MBA Essay Questions Analysis- 2016-17

Essays :  Like last year, applicants will response to two required essays. However,  Tuck has recently made changes to their first required goals  essay that focuses on global approach. Also, the second required essay, the longstanding essay about a meaningful leadership experience has been replaced with more of a focus on diversity. Here are important dates : Key Application Dates: Application and LORs* due Applicant-initiated interview complete Admissions Decision Early Action Round 10/5/16 10/31/16 12/16/16 November Round 11/2/16 11/11/16 2/10/17 January Round 1/4/17 1/31/17 3/10/17 April Round 4/5/17 4/5/17 5/12/17 1st Round Consortium*** 10/15/16 10/31/16 12/16/16 2nd Round Consortium*** 1/5/17 … Continue reading

The Common Letter of Recommendation

In order to simplify the letter of recommendation writing process, a few top schools with the cooperation of GMAC, have released the new common letter of recommendation. The Common LOR will provide a single set of questions for recommenders whose answers will be sent to participating schools. It will help ease the burden of recommenders because they will not have to write multiple letters for multiple schools for multiple students. The applicants will also benefit  because they will now  be more comfortable requesting letters from their busy mentors, professors, or employers. Participating schools (per the Ross admissions blog)  include Michigan … Continue reading

MBA Application Essays- 10 Common Mistakes You Should Avoid

Essays are the most critical part of the application package for business schools that showcase those aspects of the  applicants’ profile which other parts of their application package do not reveal. B-schools use essays as tools to know their prospective candidates outside of the typical academic and professional environment. When working with the B-school applicants on their application essays in the past five years, I have come across the following common mistakes which, I believe, can be easily avoided with careful thought and preparation. 1.  Insufficient Time: Year after year, I have noticed that some applicants do not give themselves … Continue reading