Letters of Recommendation – Helpful Tips for Round 2 Applicants

Letters of recommendation are a critical part of your overall application package—they provide the only outside information the admissions committee receives about you. A recommendation can validate claims you have made in your essays. Also, it can add stories that you cannot fit into your essays and further build on the stories you have shared in your essays. One of the most stressful parts of the application process can be picking your recommender. Your best recommenders are those who know your work every well, are impressed with your work, and are open to improve their LORs to ensure your success. … Continue reading

Low GMAT- Admitted to Duke with scholarship

It is true that GMAT is one of the most critical aspects of the MBA school admission process.However, if you do not have a competitive  GMAT, it may not be  the end of the road for you.  If other aspects of your profile (work experience, EC’s,  resume, LORs) are strong and are showcased well in your essays, you certainly have chances of success at your dream school. One of my students proved it again last week after he was  accepted into the CCMBA program of Duke Fuqua with a below 650 GMAT score. He not only received an admit offer, … Continue reading