Living in Two Cultures

 This article was first published in the  May, 2014 issue of  “Valley India Times . Some of the most common questions that invariably come up during conversations when people of Indian diaspora get together at dinner parties or at some cultural functions are, “When did you come back from India?” “How often you visit India?” or a more serious question such as “Are you thinking of moving back to India?” In case you happen to meet with someone for the first time, get prepared to respond to a standard question, ”How long you have been in the US?” While all … Continue reading

With Hope for a ‘Safe’ New Year

First published in the January , 2013 issue of Valley India Times. My husband returns home from work on a Friday afternoon wearing an expression of shocked grief instead of his usual relaxed one, “There is a bad news,” he says and before I ask him, he speaks out, “There was a mass shooting at an elementary school in Connecticut.”  “Another one……..little kids?”  That’s all I could utter, feeling my heart stuck in my throat.  In shocked disbelief, I turn the TV on and with bated breath we listen to another horrific, senseless, and unthinkable act of violence. One after … Continue reading

India Visit – Reflections

This article was first published in the June, 2012 issue of  Valley India Times. When we immigrated to the US in 2001, we did not have the slightest clue that ten years down the line, we will be witness to a completely transformed face of India. India beckons me every one to two years and during each trip, it pleasantly surprises me with its rapid growth, awareness for education, and technological advancement. Our recent trip to India last month came in the wake of Common Wealth Games held in India in 2010, so this time the advancement was more noticeable … Continue reading

Career Goals and Stress

This article was first published in Valley India Times of April, 2013 Last week, my five-year old granddaughter, who is a regular evening visitor to our place, stepped in and the first thing she uttered was, “Nani, I have an interview in my new school this Saturday.” “If I do well”, she continued with a somber countenance, “They will put me in First grade in August. And if I don’t, then I will go to Kindergarten.” Her interview was still three days away and she quietly began to practice writing sentences all by herself so she could prove her mettle … Continue reading