American English vs. British English

This article was first published in the  October, 2012 issue of  Valley India Times, When the US athletes and other personnel embarked on their Olympics journey in London, they had a perception that communication in another English speaking country would be a piece of cake.  Their notions, however, were dispelled when they discovered that certain words and phrases in British English were absolutely different from those in American English.  This got me thinking, “Didn’t I share similar perceptions before I moved to the United States at the beginning of this century?” Sure, I did. Growing up in the post-colonial India … Continue reading

Old vs New

This article was first published in “Valley India Times” of August , 2012 “Old order changeth, yielding place to new,” well known English poet Tennyson said about two hundred years back. True. With time, human beings have progressed in every aspect of life, be it customs, values, living styles, ways of thinking etc. And like everything else, English language has also gone through incredible changes in the past few hundred years. The advancement of technology in the past few years has led to inevitable inclusion of text messages, Facebook, and Twitter into our lives. Nevertheless, ancient stories of eternal lovers, … Continue reading