‘Creativity’ and Business School Essays

 Having worked with MBA applicants on their application essays in the past five years, I have observed that every year the application essay writing is getting more and more challenging for the applicants. In this highly competitive admissions process,  admissions essays  distinguish them from the sea of equally qualified applicants they are competing with. One of the greatest challenges that stares business school applicants in the face is that every year, business schools come up with essay prompts that challenge them to use their imagination and creativity. These questions are thoughtfully composed by the Admission Committee to get illuminating glimpses … Continue reading

The Common Letter of Recommendation

In order to simplify the letter of recommendation writing process, a few top schools with the cooperation of GMAC, have released the new common letter of recommendation. The Common LOR will provide a single set of questions for recommenders whose answers will be sent to participating schools. It will help ease the burden of recommenders because they will not have to write multiple letters for multiple schools for multiple students. The applicants will also benefit  because they will now  be more comfortable requesting letters from their busy mentors, professors, or employers. Participating schools (per the Ross admissions blog)  include Michigan … Continue reading

School Representatives Share their Insights at AIGAC Conference at MIT- Part 1

The  AIGAC  conference was held at Cambridge/Boston from June 14-16 Admissions consultants from around the world met with admissions directors from most of the top schools at the MIT. The MIT Panel discussions on the first day (June 14)  provided valuable insights into various offerings by the school. On the second day ( June 15), representatives from more than 20 business schools attended the conference  and shared their insights on admission trends, challenges,  and client expectations/questions. The topics of panel discussed included career services, common Questions from applicants, applicant  expectations’,  and executive programs. Below are highlights of the panel discussion … Continue reading

Tuck’s Views on the Use of Admissions Consultants

Admissions consultants from around the world met with admissions directors from most of the top schools at the AIGAC conference this month.  The Tuck admissions team had invited AIGAC members (Association of International Graduate Admissions Consultants)  and and had offered them valuable insights on  Tuck’s offerings and resources . It was an extremely engaging and rewarding conference. In the following blog, Tuck made it very clear that its OK to take admission consultants’ assistance. In their words, “Reputable consultants have experience in MBA programs and a broad understanding of the variety of schools out there……… Consultants can also assist on the … Continue reading

The Importance of Extracurricular Activities in B- School Applications

It is true that business schools evaluate candidates for their academic excellence, professional experience, leadership roles, and career progression. But they also give significant weight to their extracurricular and community service activities because they want candidates who are not just focused on work but are well- rounded and have other interests as well. Often, the applicants are so deeply involved in GMAT prep and professional commitments/accomplishments that they tend to ignore the importance of extra-curricular activities. Some candidates candidly confess that they do not have time for extracurricular activities, e.g. hobbies, sports, arts, and volunteering or community service. Please note … Continue reading

ISB Releases Essay Questions & Deadlines for 2016-17 Application Cycle

The Indian School of Business’s online application for the Post Graduate Programme in Management is live on the school’s website, complete with the 2016-2017 essay topics and deadlines. The number of required essays has dropped from three to two. The PGP applicants are asked to respond to two required essays in 300-400 words, with an  optional third essay that invites prospective students to share additional information that might substantively impact their candidacies. Application Deadlines: Indian Passport Holders Cycle 1 Application Deadline: October 15, 2016 Offer Date: December 05, 2016 Cycle 2 Application Deadline: January 15, 2017 Offer Date: March 5, 2017 Non-Indian Passport Holders … Continue reading

Helpful Tips for Reapplicants

Well, you had applied to your target schools last year and your applications were not accepted. We all know that every year it is getting harder to get into top MBA programs; the seats are few and the competition is fierce. Every single season, the top schools reject thousands of highly qualified candidates. Frustrated, some applicants decide to enroll for different program while some analyze the weak areas in their application, make sincere efforts to strengthen their profile, reapply next admission cycle, and succeed in obtaining that coveted admit letter. The good news is every year, business schools do accept … Continue reading

MBA Applicants- Get Ready for Round-1

Are you planning to apply to Business school this year? If yes, you should start gearing yourself   for Round 1 applications in Fall. We all understand that MBA application process is an extremely time-consuming and challenging journey. So if you haven’t yet embarked on your MBA journey, NOW is the time to get started. Year after year, I have seen that my most successful students were the ones who had started their preparation way ahead of time. This   proves that the sooner you start your MBA prep, the more successful your MBA journey will be.  By planning ahead and starting … Continue reading

How to Craft an Effective B School Appliaction

Planning, hard work, and perseverance are essential elements for   success at MBA programs Each part of your application package ( essays, recommendation letters, and  résumé ) requires your utmost attention and care. Here are some  helpful tips on composing compelling and persuasive essays , crafting effective résumé , and obtaining strong letters of recommendations that will earn you interview invitation from your dream school. 1.     Useful Tips to Craft an Effective MBA Résumé    http://myessayreview.com/blogs/?p=2487 2. Letters of Recommendation   -   Useful Tips for Round 2 applicants http://gmatclub.com/blog/2015/10/letters-of-recommendation-useful-tips-for-round-2-applicants/ 3.     Essay Tips- a summary http://myessayreview.com/blogs/?p=2451 4. Business School Application Essays- ‘Less is More’ … Continue reading

Useful Tips to Craft an Effective MBA Résumé

Résumé is a critical part of the MBA applications, and yet it is often the most neglected one. Unfortunately, some applicants ignore résumé and focus all their attention on essays. Your résumé   demands as much of your attention as your essays do. In fact, résumé is your first introduction to the Ad Com, so it should be impactful enough to make them want to know more about you through your essays. When working with applicants on their résumés, I often quote Ross Admission Director Soojin Kwon. “For me, the résumé is just as important as your essays…….How you describe your … Continue reading