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Fatima, Johnson Cornell University

myEssayReview Rocks. It was amazing to have someone who is more dedicated about my success than I was.!

I applied to 3 schools and I have received admits from two- Cornell and Wisconsin- with scholarships. Thank you for your dedication, time, and help. You helped me to believe that I can do it even with a low GMAT score. It was amazing to have someone who is more dedicated about my success than I was. Poonam, you’re the sweetest consultant I know. full testimonial

-Fatima (2014 applicant, accepted by Cornell and Wisconsin with scholarship (2 years tuition, health insurance, and stipend from U of Wisconsin))
Daniel - IESE

I am accepted by my dream school – IESE

It was a genuine pleasure having the opportunity to work with you, well worth the investment I made. I remember that during our first conversation you said my essays were good but we needed to make them perfect. Over the course of approximately 4 weeks, you helped me achieve the perfect result you had mentioned on our first conversation. It was well worth the investment! full testimonial

-Daniel (2014, IESE Global Executive Program)
Muhammad - Krannert

I interviewed for 3 of the schools, and received admit from all of them including Purdue University (my dream school) with scholarship.

Poonam guided me to think and help me focus on the key contents required to showcase my profile to the admission committee. She highlighted strong elements of my profile like leadership, management, and volunteer experience to overcome my low GMAT and less than 3 years of work experience , making it compelling for the reviewer. full testimonial

-Muhammad (2014, accepted by Purdue, College of William & Mary, GWU, with scholarship)
Carlos Jose - Johnson

$70k scholarships
I worked with her on 4 school applications and every single school invited me to interview. I have already been accepted by 3 of them (adding to more than US$70 k in scholarships)

First of all, Poonam is a wonderful coach. She started by putting a lot of effort into digging out my best stories in order to get a good selection for typical themes (leadership, setback, goals, etc.). The editing process is pretty structured: she uses the first couple of edits to get the right content (without concerning with word count) and the last couple of edits to make the essays comply with the word count limits. I feel that words aren't enough to thank you for all your support. I can’t wait to join Cornell in fall, 2014. full testimonial

-Carlos Jose (2014, accepted by Emory, Ivy Richards and Cornell, Adding to more than US$70k in scholarships, interviewed by Kellogg)
Abhishek - Darden

50% scholarship
I received interview call from each university I applied to!

I am accepted by Darden. I cannot ask for anything more! And I owe everything to her!! Thank you Poonam. Without your help, I cannot imagine how I would have handled my job and stressful applications all at once . Anyone who is serious about applying to graduate business school should consider using Poonam's services. full testimonial

-Abhishek Samanta (2012 R-2 applicant, Interviewed with Booth, Darden, and UCLA, waitlisted by UCLA and accepted by Darden on 50% scholarship)
Rajeev Kumar - CMU

Rajeev Kumar - TIPPIE
70% scholarship
I was interviewed by 3 out of 5 schools I applied to!

I am accepted by Tippie on 70% scholarship. Thanks, Poonam for your excellent service. It has been an excellent experience working with you. When I finished first college essays, looking at the quality of the final versions, I extended my contract for other 4 colleges as well. full testimonial

-Rajeev Kumar (2013 applicant, interviewed by Tippie, Mays & Kelley, and accepted by Tippie with 70% scholarship)
Alfons - London Business School

Alfons - London Business School
I want to thank you Poonam for helping me get into my dream school LBS!

You want to get admitted to your favorite business school? Then I urgently recommend to use Poonam's services!! Do not risk to jeopardize your application success with poorly written essays. Poonam truly is an expert and can help you a lot to get access to your business school of your dreams! Her guidelines in choosing the right content/
stories for various essay questions, in restructuring and rephrasing sentences/ paragraphs, and in editing them for grammar and punctuation errors helped position my candidacy in the best light leading me on to the realization of my dreams. I want to thank you Poonam for helping me get into my dream school LBS! I am so grateful for your invaluable help!. full testimonial

-Alfons R.(2012 Applicant, accepted by MiF, LBS)
Ashish - Manchester

Ashish - Manchester
Poonam is the director of your movie and knows each and every scene about the actor (the student in this case)

Thanks for all your help in making my essays appealing. I am very impressed with the quality and professionalism of my Essay Review. It has a very lean and smart operating model. No fuss, no hierarchy. Poonam is the single point of contact and this makes a huge difference. She will guide you at each and every step. She is the director of your movie and knows each and every scene about the actor (the student in the case). She will ensure that the movie would entertain the audience (the B-school in this case) and would be a blockbuster.
I did my research and shortlisted 4 B-school admission consultants, and I selected Poonam for 3 different reasons. full testimonial

-Ashish(2013 applicant, accepted by Manchester)
Alisha - Hong kong University

Aigerim Nurova - Alisha - Hong kong University
$40000 scholarship
I would give myessayreview a 5/5 and more, if I could! Thank you, Poonam. I couldn’t have done it without your help

I availed Poonam's services for my application to the undergraduate programme at The University of Hong Kong. It was only last week that I got an acceptance offer with scholarship, and I give all the credit to her!. full testimonial

- Alisha (2014 HKUS applicant, accepted with $ 40000 scholarship)
Sriram Kellogg

Sriram Kellogg
I worked with Poonam on my essays for Kellogg and Booth and I was accepted into both. I couldn’t have asked for more.

I was very happy with Poonam’s service. The service suited me well, because she truly stuck to the task of editing the essay and not rewriting it, which many of the other competing essay editing services do. full testimonial

-Sriram (2014 applicant, Accepted at both Kellogg and Booth)
Sriram Kellogg

I got accepted into Booth Evening MBA for Fall 2014 quarter. With a 610 GMAT score, it’s like a dream come true.Thank you, Poonam for all your help and guidance.

It was a pleasant and refreshing experience working with you, Poonam.I was concerned given the short time as I had to submit my application within 2 weeks. However, you alwaysprovided a turn-around of less than 12-16 hours.I really appreciate your help and guidance in helping me go through the essays without which this would not have happened also I will not hesitate to recommend you to my friends and colleagues. full testimonial

- Balaji Ananthapillai (2014 applicant, accepted by Booth Evening MBA for Fall 2014 quarter with a 610 GMAT score)